Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 ~ It was a year

Does that sound too apathetic? Well ok, then.

Everyone is doing their year in review posts and I figure if we are ever to do one, time is slipping slipping slipping into the future.

It may not be a huge secret that 09 was not my favorite year thus far. There you have it. See? Apathy reigns in this place.

Well, on to the review part of this post.

Feb 10 We announce the birth of our joint blog, and happily announce that nobody’s pregnant. (Seriously, don’t click it, that’s all it says.)

Then there were memes, LOST posts and a few recipes thrown in.

Mar 26 I posted about our upcoming move that I was none too happy about at the time. I still feel about the same. Woo-hoo. In case you missed it, that was typed dripping the sarcasm.

Then there were some serious posts, more LOST and a few Wordless Wednesdays.

Apr 16 Pam posted her joy of getting all 4 kids together for a great Easter Photo. And she has the photos for proof.

I was a LOST fool, there was my avoidance of packing up the house and a meme thrown in.

May 7 Pam starts The Shred workout. The last paragraph of that post is PURE GOLD, or yellow at least.

There was more of the shred, a BFF birthday wish, pics of a campfire, or more accurately a stump fire and a sweet post about Jilly knowing her mommy loves her.

Jun 28 Thou shalt twitter. Great list of spiritual twitticisms.

There were birthdays, a living in the bubble experiment and lot’s of off-grid action since it was the beginning of summer.

Jul 25 We posted briefly about the WONDERFULLY FABULOUS BFF WEEK we had at camp. It still makes me happy thinking about that week. Now if we could figure out how to do the same thing without kids…let’s work on it for this year.

There wasn’t a lot of blog action that month. It may have been the beginning of a serious cutback on bloggy resources.

Aug 11 & Aug 12 The photos from BFF Camp.

Again, slow month.

Sept 27 Pam’s Brilliant first college essay on regret. Well worth the read.

There were memes, recipes, and some adolescent behavior regarding an upcoming concert. *blush*

Oct 3 U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam was quite crafty in Oct and then the discussion of Halloween.

Nov 3 Pam gave us great insight into the College mind and some great pointers for writing.

There was a Thanksgiving lesson and smashing pumpkins or mushing pumpkins or whatever.

Dec 14 A Major Award! I held my own press conference.

There were pics of my Nativity, a retro Christmas Photo & a Merry Christmas.

There you have it. It was a year. I’m hoping that this year brings better and brighter days. But don’t we hope that every year?

It’s what I hope for you.

Happy New Year!

*I totally forgot to mention the Steve Miller reference. Anyone spot it?


everydayMOM said...

Happy New Year! Well... at least we have a new season of Lost to look forward to! One month from today! Have you seen the trailer with the chess board? Im getting ready to write about it. Creepy!

jen said...

AMEN to that! I haven't seen it but googling now. I can't wait.