Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello? Testing, testing, is this thing on? Hello?


Um, well, not exactly totally back but I do feel some major guilt about not posting for the three months is it? Well, who's counting anyway! Probably Jen b/c she's definitely been carrying the load around here.

So Happy New Year blog world! I've got a 100 or so posts rolling around in this empty brain of mine but just can't seem to get them all on paper..or um screen. So I thought I would just post a couple of quick things you can *definitely* expect from me in the next month or so. Of course, I'll just go ahead and add my disclaimer that I'm supposed to be out of town next weekend and the week following I start back to school. For reals this time. My pitiful one class last semester was pretty much a breeze (sure, in retrospect) and now I'll officially be a full time college student. Scared? Heck yeah!

So be ready blogoverse for these exciting, life-changing posts to come your way soon. (Yes, in case you don't realize it, that is just hype, nothing but, pure and simple hype.)

*My 2010 goals and aspirations...I have no real aspirations but I just wanted to add that in there. Hopefully this year I've come to terms with some realistic baby-step type stuff. Hopefully.

*My laptop died a couple weeks ago. I will also allow that this contributed to my lack of posting. I am currently in our basement office using the desktop. It's cold and I'm looking at an electrical box, some ugly paneling, and it's cold (the wood stove warmth just doesn't reach into this far corner by the door). Not very conducive to creative writing genius. I am about 90% sure I'm going to replace it with my first ever Mac.

*I kinda-sorta redid my dining room decor before my family Christmas breakfast this year. Just new curtains and all new stuff on my walls. Even a couple of 'DIY' projects, what can I say I've been inspired. I had before and after shots but they went to Heaven with Bertha (the laptop). Hubby also did some creative stuff that I'd like to share w/ you (a new window seat for Princess Josie and turned my grandmother's cedar wardrobe into a TV cabinet).

*I also had a great post planned on what a great gift-giver my BFF is! She's thoughtful and oh so creative. If you've been following us you know I have an obsession with all things damask and I'm still planning to use this theme in my bedroom...ooh la la! And here's what my fabulous friend gave me! A damask apron (remember said obsession) with my favorite color (royal purple) and she handstitched 'I'm a Cooking Mama' on it (which is one of my IM away messages).

How cute is that? (see pic above b/c blogger or my computer or the entire internet world is stupid and won't let me move it down here where it belongs..stupid..)

Whew, I'm tired, not used to all this work. I need to get back to making big decisions about my day ahead: more computer research or shop Super Double coupon extravaganza or clean/organize some forgotten closet or work on my desk I got from the Goodwill OR remind myself it's 25 degrees outside and I should really take myself back to bed.

Obviously I need a second cup of coffee to debate this important decision!

HAPPY 2010!!!



jen said...

Yaaayyyyy! You busy busy bee, you. I must have some re-did photos of the dining room, though. Hey! I get to see you next weekend!!!!!!!!!!
That right there calls for a SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey, I know Pam posted this, but I'm talking to Jen when I say thanks for posting on my SCL post today! I hope you both have a great year of blogging in 2010. Hope to see you around again!