Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you believe in scientists?

I usually don’t do this. But I’m gonna. I’m going to rant for a bit. I’m not steaming or anything but sometimes ridiculousness just needs to be outed.

We had our usual prayer night tonight at church. The kids go into the back (with supervision) and we put on some music, dim the lights and have some prayer time instead of the usual bible study. We do this once a month.

Apparently, one of the adults found accompanying the children more appealing. I’m only saying that to tell you that this particular man is not usually one of our teachers. He’s never really with the kids. But he was tonight.

Somehow the conversation went from chores (the boys have to do some to earn badges) to video games. Once this man found out that our boys play video games, he was fit to be tied. He had an argument/conversation with my children trying to persuade them that video games are bad and they should not play.

One of the points the man made to my oldest was that scientists have proven that VGs are what is wrong with kids today. He also said that he was going to have a talk with the pastor (my husband) and within 10 minutes, he would change Dave’s mind about how we are raising our children.


I am just going on a limb here. We left early because Dave had to get some stuff done for a meeting at our church’s state offices tomorrow. That conversation never happened. It is probably in that man’s best interest that it didn’t. He was pretty hot while Davy was telling us about it.

I get it. Kids can’t be spending their whole day with a controller in their hands. And ours don’t. But it ebbs and flows. They get a new game and it’s all they want to do. For a few days. Then they beat it and turn their noses up until the next one. And that’s few and far between. I can’t afford to be buying a new game every month, so…

But the best part. The absolute best part was his lead in to his argument.

Yes he said that. “Do you believe in scientists?”

And my 13 year old son refrained from laughing in this man’s face (so proud of him for that) and just said “Yeah.”

When a barely teenage boy is brighter than you (I think this may be the case here), you probably shouldn’t be relying on science to back you up.

All night long after that we were laughing and substituting stuff for Davy’s rebuttal. “Yeah, but do you believe in Game Designers? I’m pretty sure they play video games.”

“Do you believe in rainbows?”

“Do you believe in potato chips?

“Do you believe in grass?” To which we reply, “Yes, but not this time of year.”

Ugh. Whatever.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh and then move on.

Well, that’s all. Rant over. Carry on with your lives. But I want to know.

Do you?


Rebecca D said...

Don't let him find out you have a microwave... If it makes you feel any better I just had to reply to a a six page (when printed) email about a homeschool prom I'm helping plan... we went all crazy and said not only would we allow dancing (at the "prom") but that even though we would not be encouraging "dates" that they would be allowed... This is a dance open to ages sr. high age teens... not little kids...apparently I'm a heathen... why don't they just keep their teens home... Did they really think I would cancel it? aghhh...

The P in PJs til Noon said...

I've never met a real-life scientists so based on my personal observations, I'm gonna have to say, no, I do not believe in them. They will go into the category of unicorns and tooth fairies and whatever else they have in that Diet Dr. Pepper commercial :). Ha! Laugh and move on..that was great! And Rebecca, I hope those soon-to-be adults enjoy cutting a rug with their escorts ;0).

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Davy said today he also followed up with..."Cause they're real."
O. My.