Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make Me a List!

I like to pretend I am organized and efficient.  I said pretend.  Recently as part of my college orientation class we had to take career assessment tests.  This may surprise you but I scored highest on Communication ;).  I should be a communicator..well duh. The funny thing was my second highest area was Consumer Economics which translates to ‘packaging or producing food and/or textiles.’ I’m gonna assume I got this rating because they asked me questions like: "Would you rather bake a cake or dig a ditch? Would you rather make a pizza or do someone’s taxes?”  Not because ultimately my intellect and temperament means I’m only suited to work in a fast food or factory environment (nothing wrong with those professions, just not what I am aspiring to.)

The other part of the assessment was your job values.  You got a little slide graph illustrating which way you ‘leaned’ between two values such as realistic or aesthetic (I’m realistic).  Or one’s such  as carefree and practical.  In which I was almost dead in the middle (only one little X over to the carefree side) was dead in the middle.  I love to plan and make lists, but I struggle with too much structure.  Obviously even more so since I wasn’t flexible on my flexibility- ha!  I need order but it must be MY order (which would explain leadership and independence). Confused yet?  I think this is why our motto for children’s ministry is ‘organized chaos.’  Pretty fitting, huh?

scan0003Anyhoo, I do try to organize my days and when I do, my day goes so much smoother.  I basically took my main ideas from Simple Mom’s daily docket (you can download it free here).  But I wanted a more personalized and adaptable version, so I spent a few minutes (okay, it was HOURS) with Publisher and this is what I came up with.


When I use it, it really does Work for Me!  And when I don’t…well, lets just say I catch up on some serious TV watching.

Head over to We are That Family and see what’s working for possibly  more organized people today!



the J in PJs Til Noon said...

I love it! Want to make me one? Hee hee. You know, with all of your free time & all? You even made it pretty.

The P in PJs til Noon said...

I'd be happy to email you a copy so you could tweak your own...ha ha ha ha ha...and so funny you said I made it pretty..go to the carnival and see how I named my link....we are so in sync sometimes it's downright skeery...

Valencia said...

Ohh that looks so lovely!! The look alone would motivate me to get things in a perfect world!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Very nice. I love the Daily Docket already..who knew it could get even better?