Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Lighthouse (or the peer into your Lifehouse)


Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jack smash up the lighthouse and then gaze at the ocean for a while.

No? Yeah, doesn’t rhyme.

*Spoiler Alert!!!* *And I'm linked up at Rocks In My Dryer*

Here are some random thoughts I’ve jumbled all together from tonight’s episode. It’s all I have anymore. It is LOST, after all.

So we get an episode of Christian’s children. One with a child we never knew about and the other wondering where the heck her son is and on a rampage to find him and/or kill the Other Others along the way.

And Hurly. Lots and lots of Hurly. Dude. Love him.

I know you may be getting tired of me telling you about my dog. But I’m really starting to wonder if they are putting some sort of subliminal frequency something or other into the temple scenes. We thought it was all of the bass sound coming through the surround sound. But there are times when there’s no background music at all, just conversation and he’s still growling like there’s a boogieman threatening us all. Only on the temple scenes. Only during LOST. It’s weird enough for me to go on about.

There, that’s done. From now on I’ll just give a quick doggy report if it is still a phenomena.

How creepy was that dead animal/baby in the bassinette?

I love how you get parental tips and teaching moments in this show. Jack was terrified of his father. “How do you know David isn’t terrified of you?” Funny how things run in families, even if you don’t really want it to.

And then Claire’s craziness about Aaron and her “friend.” Why doesn’t your friend have a name, Claire? Hmm. Sounds fishy to me.

Jack came back to the island because he was broken. And then they find an intact lighthouse.

Of course they do.

Because at this point, all we want is answers (which they keep promising us like a dangling carrot.) We’re not going anywhere and we will believe anything. There is a perfect lighthouse on this island that they’ve all traipsed over untold amounts of time without ever glimpsing it.

And then Claire sinks an axe into SoothingVoiceMan’s chest. And then and there, Jin decides his life depends on a lie. Lie like a rug, dude. She’s got the crazy eyes.

Back to the lighthouse. NUMBERS!!! We discover what the numbers mean. The arrow has to be at those numbers in order to peer into lives. Now, that is creepy to me. My husband called the smashing of the mirror. He hadn’t even seen the commercials. He said he woulda done the same thing. He called it being a wild card. Ok. Whatever. But Jacob knew that’s what Jack needed. Smash things then sit and contemplate.

And in the alternate world. I loved the scene with Jack and David reconciling their relationship. David felt so much pressure, he backed away, and Jack knew exactly how that felt.

Something bad is coming to the temple. Jacob had to get Hurly and Jack away from there. Sooooo…you just leave everyone else there? Nice. Real nice, Jacob. Manipulators shouldn’t play favorites.

Back to Jin & Claire. Good call Jin. Lie about Aaron. You just know that Kate will find them, and she would have been a goner. Way to understand the situation & save a life, Jin. I applaud you.

Then we get introduced to her friend. Her friend who is “not John.” So. Not John has been with Claire these 3 years. But Locke’s body wasn’t on the island until (what is the time line?) a little while back with the Ajira crash. So has Not John been looking just like John for three years, while Locke was in the desert, trying to get people back to the island, being murdered, etc., etc., etc….? (Please use The King & I inflection in your head while reading that. It would make me happy.)

So the new theme of the show is as follows: The time for questions is over, but you only get one answered per show. You do, however, get all kinds of new ones, but those don’t count from before.

It’s long. But catchy, don’t you think?

*Back to me. All of the “Back to” transitions remind me of the Old Spice commercial. Only fitting that I end this…

I’m on a horse.


~*Michelle*~ said...

My head is really spinning this whole season, which is why I cannot collect my thoughts enough to blog about it....LOL.

I feel like my brain gets into a blender.

But, like I said over at Sarah Eliza's place....Hurley kept me laughing all night with his one liners ..... "Lying to a samurai", "like Obi Wan Kanobi" and the "7 years back luck" made me laugh out loud

Good to "see" you again, Jen! :)

Heather said...

Ha. I thought I was the only one who always mentally made ect., ect., ect., sound like Yul Brynner from The King and I.

I like the motto. The discovery of a working light house makes me fear that the answers are not going to come in a tidy package.

Holly said...

Loved so much of this week's episode because of all the Hurleyisms! He balances all the craziness so well.

Claire scared me. Plus she needs a makeover and some anti-psychotic meds ASAP.

Not so sure the tme for questions is over, ABC.

Loved the King&I reference--I always say it like that in my head. :)

Leslie said...

That is so creepy weird about your dog! I would wonder about a subliminal frequency during those scenes, too. I wonder if anyone else's dogs are doing that.

I'm so glad you wrote that bit about Claire and John. I had not even thought about the fact that for the past three years, he's been dead or jumping through time.