Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LAX (it always makes me think..laxative)

Spoiler Alert I hold nothing back, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to skip this post.


The island is underwater. What?! Everyone is on the original flight and they have serious turbulence, but it passes. Then the camera goes beneath the ocean to show Dharmaville and the Foot of the statue with a shark or two swimming by.

Then the plane has turbulence, but it passes and everyone lands safely. In cuffs, carrying cash, missing dead bodies, in a wheelchair, but otherwise unharmed.

I’ve been reading all kinds of theories and I’m almost completely confused.

There seems to be this parallel world thing going on. If that is the case and each character is in both worlds at the same time, how is the island somehow both above and below water?

So many questions. Here are a few more observations/questions.

  • Where are Shannon and Eko? What about Libbie?
  • Where did Desmond disappear to?
  • You forget how much of a jerk Jin was.
  • Is there still hope for Juliet & Sawyer in the future? (the ones off-island) She said they should have coffee.
  • I want to know what the circle was big dude drew around himself to protect him from Smoky. It worked, and then Smoky found another loophole and killed him anyway.

Ok. I will say that my dog did not like the temple. Every. Single. Time. They would cut to a temple scene and Fella would go crazy barking and growling. Something is up with that temple. It could be the music, but I choose to believe that my dog is intuitive.

How in the world does Waterboarding Sayid save his life? Is that his payback for all the torturing he has done? He said whatever’s next couldn’t be good. I’d say being held under water wouldn’t be pleasant. And is he now the embodiment of Jacob? I’ll miss Sayid if that’s the case.

So, I’m tapped out. My brain hurts.

I know I’m missing stuff. I’ll probably watch again tomorrow and catch all kinds of new things.

Any huge theories that I didn’t touch on?

Let me know what I left out.

I’m linking up with Rocks in my Dryer, so check there for more theories and questions.


Diane said...

LOL at your dog - the temple creeped me out too. Though for the record, I didn't bark, though I may have growled.

This season is going to be a bumpy ride. Not liking the parallel "real world" thing either. But I do like seeing Ben scared witless (but still snarky).

everydayMOM said...

So are they existing in two parallel universes? Or are they simply showing us past and future versions of themselves?

How did Juliet know "it worked" but she was surprised when she woke up? And if the bomb sent the island to the bottom of the sea, why didn't it hurt anyone when it went off?

So confusing... but looking forward to some answers this season!

OH... and wasn't that the meanest look on Lock's face you have ever seen?!?

The Penny-Pinching Mama said...

I'm with you - I have a headache too. Did the bomb go off or not?

I posted some things I noticed on my blog and I also have a linky if you wanna link up. :)

Anonymous said...

An alternate reality had to be created! Because (and this is about to be as clear as mud, so brace yourself) in order for the crash to not happen, the crash to to happen. It's the Losties who, trying to get off the island, flash back to 1977 that cause the destruction of the island, but they would never have been there if the plane hadn't crashed in the first place.

Also, how creepy was dead Locke laying there in the sand?