Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch with the BFF

I'm trying to post before she does and considering she has about a 2 1/2 hr drive home compared to my 20 minutes...well I think I may have a shot. Of course that means I have to actually proof and post this and that's always a gamble.

The P and the J actually had a rare face-to-face lunch date today. We woofed down some Chinese at the local mall, then traveled around the mall in search of some elusive XBox plug or something they needed. The salesgirl, excuse me, manager of our local GameStop (Heidi, if you really need to know) totally went above the call of duty to help J find said accessory. She will get a superb rating from me...if I fill out the receipt survey and you know it's not looking good. Sorry Heidi, how about a shout out on our blog? Mmmkay, I thought that would totally be better than a possible good employee rating that could translate into a raise or something.

Anyhoo, you may think we discuss weighty subjects such as growing our blog (um no, but we did discuss blogs we like) or our important work at church (we skimmed over that) or our children and families (a glancing blow). Nope we discuss enlightening topics (snort) such as the need for products such as the two mentioned below. We also discuss our love of IMDB and movie quotes in LOTR and Napoleon Dynamite..yes, these are the discussions we have.

We decided there is a need for a personal purse hanger for bathrooms with no said hanger available. For those times, such as today, when I had to balance my small suitcase while trying to um...well..accomplish what I went in there for. The first attempt was a failure so I ended up holding the baby elephant carrier in my teeth during the delicate situation.

Success! We solved this problem, purchase one of those 'hang your purse on any table hooks' and use the toilet paper dispenser or an inside wall of your cubby. Which brings me to a sidebar of discussion. Bathroom stalls which are no bigger than a preschooler's cubby. Jen stated, and I will second this, that no bathroom stall should be so small you have to squeeze in between the toilet and the wall in order to shut the door. (And yes, my beloved Target, I'm talking to you.) Truly, this is why--if the bathroom is empty--you better believe I'm heading to the handicapped stall. Well, I also usually have a small girl sharing said special time with me, so that makes the problem way worse. In my world having a 5-year-old with you qualifies you to use the larger, family-friendly stalls. It's my world people, be glad you don't live here.

The next item on the agenda was having someone invent Google Search for your own brain. Wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to access all that useless and, okay, even the useful information you absorb and spit it out in just a nanosecond? For example, today J said something about Space Camp which sent little tingles to my brain about Star Wars. I knew I had heard a great quote about SW recently but I couldn't come up with where it was! So frustrating to have something amusing or interesting but not be able to figure out if it was t.v., a blog, a tweet, what was it???? I said I needed a file cabinet or even better Google for my brain! Wouldn't you love that? Maybe..okay it was funny to us. (And it was a tweet from Jim Gaffigan! Mystery solved!)

Okay, that's all I've got for today...I brought my camera to our luncheon b/c I had a goal of getting a new pic of the two of us for our blog home but it didn't happen. We met, we ate, we chatted, we was a good, good day.



Shana said...

Those "large" stalls are much appreciated when you are out and about and your BF baby wants to eat. I have been in there with the baby, a gigantic stroller/travel system, and sometimes my sister while we try to navigate the whole how to feed the baby while standing up in a public restroom. Hopefully I haven't offended many with taking that last stall instead of BFeeding my baby out in "the open". At least, in the confines of the stall, I cannot see eyes rolling or looks of disgust. I will have a full post on this soon.... sounds like you had a fun day at the mall!

Rebecca D said...

I was in one of those uber-small stalls recently... you know the "straddle the toilet to open the door" small ones... No hook and I had shopping bags and my purse... to add insult to near contortion induced injury, it was one of those "auto flush" ones but it flushed too soon and with such power it splashed (what I pray was clean) water on the rear of my pants... I had to walk through the whole mall and parking lot with a wet butt... ahhh, some days I feel soo classy....

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Haha! Rebecca, those were almost my exact words. "The ones where you have to climb in the toilet to shut the door." would be an exact quote of what I said. Pam edited it to make me more classy. The mask is off, Pam.
And I was so worn out from driving all day then heading straight to church, I went to bed at 9. Without even taking the laptop out of my bag. Now you know there's something wrong when I don't even have my computer time.
I think we did solve a problem women are facing today, and that's a big accomplishment. Nothing trivial about that. (heh-heh) ;-)