Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Substitute ~no end to questions


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Did they just turn everything we have ever believed about Jacob and MIB on its ear?


Can we believe anything that comes out of Flocke’s mouth? If we can, then Jacob has been the one “touching” people’s lives, drawing them to the island and removing free will from the equation.

I told you. I said it last week. “The time for questions is over.” That’s BULL! They even had the gall to say it again this week. Darlton, I call you out. Consider yourselves slapped on the cheek with the glove. You sirs, lied to all of us.

(I got completely sidetracked. I started watching and tweeting the men’s figure skating. Did anyone catch this? Ohhhh. My. The costumes. They got more and more ridiculous as the night went on. And twitter got more and more funny. I am sooo gonna watch tomorrow night with my tweetdeck on #Olympics. And Ice Dancing. Can’t wait.)

Where was I? Questions. Well I got plenty.

We get an in depth look at Locke’s life without the plane crash. He really needs to get a new lift for his van. Helen is still in his life and I really like her.

Then we flash and become nauseated from Smokey's viewpoint. And what were the sounds Smoky made. It sounded like gears. Odd.

And then there’s all this other stuff with Richard and Flocke and Sawyer. Flocke is trying to convince them he’s the one to trust.

1. Who was the boy that Richard couldn’t see in the pool of light? Could he be Jacob, risen from the ashes like a phoenix? (SEE? QUESTIONS!!!)

2. Why can Sawyer see the boy?

3. Where are Kate’s & Claire’s names on the ceiling of the creepy cave with the scales?

We did get one answer. Sort of. The numbers. They correspond to our Losties.

4. But why those numbers?

5. Why is it taking so long to reunite Jin & Sun?

6. Did everyone love the Sienna commercial as much as I did? (Ok, that was not a real one, but I still wonder these things.)

Ha-ha. I just realized that while I’m re-watching and typing, I have a Sawyer face. The furrowed brow, you know the one. This show is bad for those brow lines. There. That’s my public service for the week.

I will say that I loved Locke’s funeral. Ben confessing to murder. Lapidus and his funny self. “Weirdest funeral I’ve ever been to.” Yup. That sums it up. And I cleaned up that quote, just so you know.

And I liked the fact that Teacher Ben enjoys a cuppa, being a gentleman and all.

The thing I want to know is have they been leading us to believe that Jacob was good all this time to have him be the manipulative chess-playing demi-god?

Or do we disregard everything Flocke told Sawyer in the cave?

Why is Sawyer the new protector of the island? From nothing?

With all that talk about Jacob influencing the Lostie’s lives, I did find it interesting that the inside joke was the white stone he tossed into the sea.

So there you have it. I still like what someone tweeted once. I don’t even remember who. “I never feel dumber than when I’m watching LOST.” My sentiments exactly, anonymous and random tweeter. My sentiments exactly.


everydayMOM said...

I thought it was interesting how everyone's lives seemed to be so much better in the alternate reality. Is that because they weren't being pulled to the island by Jacob? Everyone except Ben, of course. He seems frustrated in his mundane job as a teacher with nothing to fight about but the coffee pot!

Anonymous said...

I think the show has always shown us how Jacob turned up in the Lostie's lives, including Kate's, and we've all assumed he was good. At this point, I'm still going with Jacob = good, or at least not as bad as Flocke. And remember, we still don't know if Jacob has been a part of the Losties lives in the no-crash senario, its possible he has and that's why everyone keeps running into people they knew on-island.

Claire and Kate's names may have been on the ceiling but have been crossed off. If they were enver there in the first place, it seems like Jacob never wanted them to be Candidates. Of course, then we have to wonder if Jacob really wanted them on the island, or if they just ended up there because they were on the same flight as those he did want there.

Bottom line for me = don't trust a word that comes out of the mouth of someone who can turn into smoke.

Bay said...

I agree, I don't think you should trust a word Smocke says! Even though Jacob is messing with people's lives right now, I think that he's the good guy. In this whole chess game between Jacob and Smocke, I think that Jacob will return all of our castaways to their original lives (like what we're seeing in the sideways flashes) and all will be well.

But I agree with enough on the questions already!

Holly said...

I don't trust FLocke, but I am anxious to see how this new partnership with Sawyer pans out.

I thought it was interesting that Sawyer could see the boy (is it young Jacob?) and this news surprised FLocke.

Wendy said...

I'm mortified to admit this but (gulp) I was on a surprise date with my husband and missed all but the end. Shocking, I know! But we haven't had a date in at least 2 years, and I'm home every. single. day. with 5 kids. I needed it. Badly.

Anyway, the only part I can comment on (the only part I've seen so far) is about the names and numbers. 4-Locke, 8-Reyes, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, Shephard-23, Kwon-42. There are women's names on there (Rousseau, for instance) but I'm guessing that only men are THE numbers/candidates (which would make it Jin, not Sun, for 42). The theory is out that Kate's number is 108, total sum of the numbers (and number of days on island, number of minutes to push the button) but who knows? Not me. All I do know is that this is exactly the sort of stuff that makes me LOVE this show! (And Ben as the European History teacher being all anal about the coffee pot? Priceless!)