Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar Jesus revisited

I was obsessively going through the data from Google Analytics. (You do that too, right?)

Someone found us by googling “Sugar Jesus.”

That gave me untold amounts of joy. I just wish I could know somehow who it is who found us in this wonderful way.

Ahh. The mysteries of life. Some of the best mysteries must remain just that.

If you’re new, you may be wondering why we would ever blog about Sugar Jesus.

Well, here you go. All of the answers to the questions you have been asking for… at least the last 2 minutes.

On a totally unrelated topic, tomorrow is LOST day. It is also a book club day. I hate to say that you may have to wait until Wednesday for the LOST post. So disappointing, I know. Believe me, it is a huge sacrifice for me to forego LOST for book club, but I shall sacrifice willingly and non-grudgingly. Well, not too grudgingly.

Sugar Jesus. True Story.

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