Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All about Sawyer


Now, it is a well established fact that Sawyer is one of my favorite characters in the show. Shoot. Most of them are my favorites. And this whole shift to calling him James just has not stuck with me. (That did not look grammatically correct, but … not fixing it. Heh heh. I’m a rebel.)

So, I will continue to call the man Sawyer and we’ll discuss the episode, shall we?

The *SPOILERS* start …NOW!

He’s a COP?! OMG. I did not see that one coming at all. And yet again, we see that our friends’ lives are better without the pull of the island. Not only that, but they seem to be better people. We were talking about it, and Hubs said everyone but Kate were better. She was about the same. But didn’t she tell Sawyer that she didn’t do it? And him being a cop puts a whole new spin on his letting her go at the airport.

I’m not sure I’m digging his law abiding self. I mean, this is fiction. I wouldn’t be hanging out with a con artist in real life. He was just more complex when on the other side of the law. He did seem to get some of that back when he confessed to searching for the real Sawyer to kill him. Does he really want Miles to talk him out of that?

We got to see his blind date and brief fling with Charlotte. I kept thinking “No, she’s supposed to be with Daniel.” I wonder how many of the other characters we’ll get to see in this sideways world.

I also wonder what’s next for Kate here. He can’t very well let her go this time, can he?

And on the island, we got better acquainted with Claire’s creepy dried animal corpse baby. “It’s all I had.” Well, now. That is reasonable and not at all Baby Jane. Then Claire attacks Kate (she is a woman of her word), Locke intervenes and smacks Claire around a little to make her see sense. So naturally, she becomes weepy and hugs Kate apologizing. I was yelling, “Watch out, she’s gonna grab that gun & shoot you.” Seriously. If someone had a knife at your throat just an hour earlier, would you lower your gun and let that person hug you and possibly snatch the gun that’s just casually slung over your shoulder? Not me.

Locke admits to being Smoky to Sawyer and pleads the picked on kid at the playground. He only wants to get away from this playground and everyone thinks they need protection from him. Poor Locke. %^/ (that’s an eye roll, fyi)

Apparently all of you that called the long con were right. But what we know so far is that the con is on Widmore. At least that’s what Sawyer tells Locke. I think Sawyer’s loyalties lie with whoever wins & can get the heck off that island. And he’s gonna take Freckles with him. Did you see the dress he picked up? I think it was Kate’s from the Polar Bear Cage. Again. I could be wrong.

Well, this wasn’t so much as recap as my random reactions to this episode.

Overall, not one of the best episodes. But what it lacked in answers, it made up for in Sawyer-ness.

And I forgot to give you the puppy report. There's a girly dog in heat in our neighborhood, so he spent the whole episode tied up outside, howling, whining, whimpering and barking; begging her to come up and see him sometime. Plus there were really no temple scenes, so it wouldn't have mattered.

For more theories, reactions, questions and all things LOST, visit here for many many more opinions.

“Discuss among yourselves.”


Anonymous said...

I love Sawyer too, but this wasn't my favorite episode. I really wasn't a fan of how on-island Sawyer seemed like he was going back to Kate. Hello, Juliet's only been dead like two days! I have a hard time believing he'd go back to Kate just a day after his emotional "I was going to propose" breakdown at the dock.

I am curious to know what exactly Sawyer's plan is with playing everyone.

everydayMOM said...

It's kind of interesting that at the beginning of the show, the woman thought he was conning her, so he told her the truth, but she didn't believe him and so he ended actually tricking her by telling her the truth... now, he's using the same trick on Widmore and probably on Locke. People just assume he's lying, so he can con them by actually telling the truth. Kind of funny.

I'm not sure if he really turned out that much better sideways or not?!?

heather said...

I am with you on the Claire/Kate hug. I thought that way to trusting and out of character for Kate. Maybe she was out of whack at the time because she didn't currently have a man with a plan. Problem solved, Sawyer now has a plan.