Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dr. Linus ~Lost


The consensus around the online world (well, my online world) is that we LOVE this episode.

Whether you love Ben or hate him, you have to agree that he is the most complex character on the show. You could have it both ways and love to hate him. Or hate to love him. See? Complexity. It follows him like a shadow.

We get glimpses into Ben’s life without the pull of the island. He has a good relationship with his father, although he feels like he’s wasting his life. I liked when he corrected the creep principle about his title. "It's Dr. Linus." The one bright spot is helping Alex prepare for her future. But I did question his quick promise to Alex to keep the secret. With the ethics and obligation to report anything that could be harmful to a student, I doubt whether he’d make a blind promise so quickly. But it’s a show and they wanted to build trust between teacher & student so, whatever.

Did Ilana seem angry to anyone else? Not about the whole Ben thing. When she was talking to Sun about the candidates, I got the feeling that she’s jealous she’s not one and angry that she has to be the one to protect them. Maybe it’s just me.

Then we get the Jack/Richard storyline inside the ship. I saw someone on twitter respond to the “touch” from Jacob. “Show me on the doll exactly where Jacob touched you.” I just thought that was funny. No story merit there. I thought that for sure Richard was going to pinch out the fuse while Jack was talking to try to save Jack, even though he himself wanted to die. But the island had different ideas.

Meanwhile off the island, the evil principle crushes Ben’s dreams of taking over in return for helping Alex realize her dreams. Creepy creep. But what’s to stop Ben from resuming the Machiavellian Plot after Alex is safely settled in at Yale?

And the biggest moment of the night. Ilana simply states, “I’ll have you.” With all of the Biblical theories being thrown around this is probably the biggest, most powerful parallel of the entire show. Ben said he was siding with Locke because he was the only one who’d have him after his betrayal, murder, and downright nastiness.

How many people are there that feel the same way? They feel they have done too much, wronged too many people, and been so bad for so long that they must resign themselves to being forever lost. And without a second thought, Jesus says “I’ll have you.” I’m telling you, this moment made me cry.

Of course I’m basing all of that on Jacob being good. I have seen too many plot twists to completely trust what they want us to assume about all of the characters. But because it was such a powerful moment, I’ll suspend my mistrust for now and just go with it.

But it gets all ominous real quick with the shot of a periscope and Widmore in a submarine.

So. I give a definite thumbs up to this episode. It is one of my favorites. Call me a lemming.

Got anything to add? I love to talk Lost!

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SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

I loved this one too - and I'm right there with you about the spiritual parallels in the episode. I loved Ilana's response and how it echo's Christ's ... just beautiful. I'll be posting my thoughts tomorrow, hope you'll stop by!

Tutu said...

I triple loved the exchange between Illana and Ben. And such great acting!

Holly said...

I loved this episode too! I can't believe I am rooting FOR Ben Linus now--Michael Emerson gave an outstanding performance (in both timelines).

Rebecca D said...

I left you a little something on my blog...