Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So…Who’s the devil again?


There were so many “WHAT!?!” moments tonight, I’m still trying to digest it all.

*SPOILER ALERT!!!* ~Spoilers will commence…NOW.

Here’s my brief (maybe not so much) synopsis of the show.

The devil accuses Jacob of being the devil, but he is trying to keep the evil from escaping the island, which is just a cork in the bottle that contains the…you guessed it…evil.

Make sense? Of course, it’s perfectly clear to me too.

I’m bug-eyed here, guys. I feel a little like my brain is slobbering on itself and mumbling in a corner.

So. If the island is the cork, when they blew the bomb, did they release the hounds as it were?

The man in Black sticks to the same rhetoric, doesn’t he? Even after hundreds of years, he’s giving the same speech. “If he speaks, it’s too late.”

I'll say it again. I don't trust the story the writers are feeding us. Well, let me put it another way. I have learned not to trust the way it's going. They want us to believe one thing and BAM, another thing is the actual truth. That being said, I sort of still believe Jacob. But I know better than to put all of my hopes in him being the one to believe. That's just what those tricky writers want me to believe right now. I'm onto them. (Brilliant, aren't I? -snort-)

I loved the scene at the end with Richard and his wife. Did anyone else think of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost during this scene? I was hoping against hope that Hurley wasn’t gonna lay one on Richard. And my hopes were realized with a giant sigh of relief.

And the pig with the munchies? Ewwww. He was totally chowing down on that man. Pigs everywhere were standing and cheering for the revenge of the whole BBQ thing. But still. Shudder & shiver.

We learned that it takes a ship to take down a statue. We learned that Richard accidentally killed a man trying to get medicine for his dying wife. His corrupt priest refused absolution but was willing to take a goodly sum in return for selling him into slavery. I don’t get that, though. Wouldn’t someone in higher power be the seller of persons, not a priest? Maybe I missed something.

We still don’t have a name for Smokey/Man in Black/Flocke yet do we? I think I’ll go Austin Powers & call him Dr. Eeeevil.

Well, folks. I’m wiped out and my brain hurts. I know I’ll read all of your Lost posts tomorrow & comment & be enlightened, but for now, I’m going to rest my weary mind. That means that I’ll lay in bed, thinking about this show while I try to sleep and when I do fall asleep, will probably dream about it. I’ll let you know if I have any dream revelations.

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*Puppy Report* The dog did not like the scene between Dr. Eeeevil and Jacob. I do think it is the background music that makes him go insane, although there have been times when there was none. He really hated the temple scenes. (Like you care, right?)


Anonymous said...

But if the island holds back evil, than what about what happens off island? Sawyer's parents, Claire's boyfriend leaving her, Rose's cancer, etc? Are those things not evil? They are, at the very least, bad. But, my thinking is that this brings up the questions -- what is evil?


Also, did Black Rock Richard remind you a little of Daniel?

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Haha! Was it the scruffy, patchy beard that made you think of Daniel? Funny.

Diane said...

"Pigs everywhere were standing and cheering for the revenge of the whole BBQ thing."

LOL - this is a riot!

I don't think they are going to pull a switch on us...I hope.

everydayMOM said...

Yeah... so I guess when MIB shattered the bottle he was trying to make a point about releasing the evil. But I don't get it either, because the world already has plenty of evil and the island certainly isn't immune. AHHHHH!!!!

jubilee said...

LOL I'm with Diane. I snorted out loud when I read your "Pigs everywhere were standing and cheering for the revenge of the whole BBQ thing." Too funny. And it was completely gross that it was chowing on a HUMAN! Ack! That's some kind of irony.

You are so right to question the story"line" that the writers are feeding us, IMHO. Good writing is always persuasive and then zings you in the end. It's always the person you least expect kind of thing . . . Yeah, I love it.

I just did my very first post on LOST and had so much fun. Why, oh, why hadn't I done this long before now?!

countryfriedmama said...

I had to quit Lost after the first season. Too many unanswered questions. It made me crazy. I like my mysteries solved in 60 minutes or less.