Thursday, March 25, 2010

This kid? Oh my heart. It hurts. He’s 9!









Wow.  How did this happen?  It feels like just yesterday we were a little overwhelmed, knowing that a third (surprise!) baby was on it’s way. 

And then the little stinker decided to break my water just as we were leaving to go to dinner with my mom and sister for that one last hoorah before baby. 

And the next 6 months or so are sort of a blur.  I remember being tired.  I remember putting a baby in the sunshine to get rid of that nasty baby tan.  I remember a bald little baby with a tiny lump on his temple.  I remember he wasn’t as good a baby as our first but not as intense (scream-y) as our second.  I remember that sweet baby smell.

Nothing of that smell remains.  Now he runs inside and I smell him.  You know that smell.  Boy. 

This kid climbs anything.  He always has.  He was a tiny little thing climbing on top of the playground equipment.  After a while, you get used to it and aren’t afraid for him any more. 

He’s short.  It is the bane of our amusement park experiences.  We are praying he’s grown enough to get onto the next biggest roller coaster.  Cuz, when you want to so bad and you can’t…it is heartbreaking. 

He’s LOUD.  I don’t think the term “inside voice” even registers in his brain.  You can hear his laugh, his songs, his conversation with his brother from the other side of the house.  Sometimes I have to send him outside just so I can think.

He’s cute.  I mean, really.  Look at that picture.  It’s one of my favorites from youth camp last year.  It captures him perfectly.  In the middle of one thing, already looking to what he can get into next.  He gets away with stuff because of the cuteness (other people, not with me…well, often) and he knows that.  It’s dangerous.

He’s compassionate.  This is my favorite thing about him.  He notices when people are hurting and wants to help.  He has a heart that’s bigger than he is.  He is not a selfish kid. 

He loves his momma.  His dad calls him a momma’s boy & he just grins at me.  That’s my boy. 

I know that children are shaped by their parents and family.  So I’m proud that he’s turning out to be such a great kid, but some of his qualities have nothing to do with me.  God shapes personality and that inner self before we ever get our hands on them.  And when I think about this particular surprise, I’m so glad that God knew better than we did.  We thought we were done at 2.  But we needed that third.  And today he’s 9.

So this Thursday?  What do I love?  What am I so very grateful for?  I think you can guess. 

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