Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody loves Hurley

Ok.  I know they are trying to make some sort of reference to Ray Romano here, but I’m not getting it.
Granted, Eloise could be the annoying mother figure.  But Charles Widmore could never be Ray’s dad.  He’s not likable enough.  Let’s see.  Ray.  Who’s funny but always putting his foot in his mouth and getting in trouble.  Or is there a Deborah?  Maybe Ilana?  She was sort of condescending and gave a “look” often enough.  What about Robert.  I can’t think of anyone taller than Ecko, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair from him since Smokey took him out way back when.  There have been two boys on the show recently.  There’s debate whether it is two boys or the same boy, just an older version. 
Well, like I said.  I don’t get it. 
Here’s where the real SPOILERS start.
Seriously, though.  I haven’t got much commentary on last night’s episode.  Here’s my twitteresque recap.  Exactly 140 characters. (This was HARD to carve down.)
Hurly wants Libby Mike's being helpful Hurly is loved Libby is Crazy Ilana boom He remembers Mike's stuck Desmond pushed Truce made Hit+run
I only have one insight/theory.  What if Desmond isn’t dead?  Locke survived a fall down that well.  He was a little further down on a rope, but it’s possible in LOST world.  And Juliette survived her fall long enough to hit the bomb and then die what seemed like twice in Sawyer’s arms.  Sooooo…if he’s not dead and can get to the wheel and turn it….   I don’t know what after that.
I know I ask this every week, but I want to know.  Were there any glaring huge moments that I missed?  Please fill me in.  Especially this week.  I was a little hazy last night and could very well have missed something as huge as someone getting blown up or pushed down a well.  I did miss the actual kaboom, but saw bits on the ground.  Yeah, probably won’t go back and watch that part over.
Enlighten me!

For more enlightenment, visit Rocks in My Dryer.
I just saw at the above site that next week's preview shows Desmond siting at the bottom of the well.  Well.  I guess you were thinking, "WOW this gal is brilliant to pick up on him not dying & all."
Thanks for being nice and not pointing out the blatantly obvious.  I'm a dork, I know.