Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Last Recruit ~LOST


ANSWERS!!! We learned a few things tonight.

#1. Do not let your kids watch LOST with you. They talk. Too. Much.

And now, here’s a random smattering of my thoughts of tonight’s episode. Rambling, and probably nonsensical, but thoughts.

***SPOILERS will begin…NOW!!

Yes, it was Smokey imitating Christian. He was leading Jack to a water source. He claims that all he has ever wanted was to help them leave the island.

Claire says Jack is “with” Smokey because he let him talk to him. Jack looks like a rebellious teenager. “Oh yeah. We’ll see.” (He didn’t say that, that’s just from my head.)

Flocke could seriously benefit from the use of a Bro. Or is it a Manssiere? I don’t think they ever decided on the proper term.

“Here we go.” Obviously he’s evil. Now he’s channeling the joker.

Is it just me, or are they taking LA Desmond a little too far on the creepy train? And I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Sayid may not be beyond redemption. Has he just been zoning this whole time, thinking he could get Nadia back? (That’s her name right? I didn’t google it.) Not getting involved in all the drama and focusing on doing what Smokey asks so that he can somehow be with her. And he paused before shooting Desmond. So, did he shoot Des or not. What do you think? We think he’s alive in our house. ~ Not alive in our house, that’s silly. In our house, we think that Desmond is alive.

Kate!!! Girl. You are way braver than I am. Claire tried to kill you, and she’s got a gun on you now and you yammer on and make promises. Wow. It worked.

And they’re bringing our LA Losties together nicely, or not so nicely. Hit & run, long lost sister, being arrested or shot.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the side of the boat. But first apologize for getting Juliette killed. He was in jeans & sneakers with a backpack on, that had to be a terrible swim.

LA Jack gets to operate on Locke after all.

REUNITED! & it feels SO GOOD!!! Oh, I love this show. What is so bad, is that I wasn’t looking for it. I was screaming "The fence, turn off the fence!" Whew, they turned off the fence.

Stupid Charles Widmore. Ugh. I hate an uhhhh … person who gives something and takes it back. I’m smokin hot with the Seinfeld references tonight!

Now he orders the attack on Locke, who is unfazed. He pulls Jack to safety, and with that, Claire’s prophecy comes true. “You’re with me now.”

Ok. That’s it. Could you make any sense of this at all? If not, sorry about that. I’m finding that the more information LOST gives me, the less I’m able to write about it. Aaaagh, too much!

So, you’ve been so kind to inform me on things I’ve missed in the past, won’t you be sweet & keep me abreast? (See #1)