Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food asks a question. It’s smart food.

I look at food so much differently now.  As I shared, I had a bout with some pain recently and food made things worse. 
I will admit, that for all of my life, I’ve been very flippant when it comes to food.  If I liked it, I ate it.  Probably too much of it.  But I never really thought much of it.  Even when I gained baby weight, had thyroid issues, and gained more baby weight, I still never really got control of myself when it came to food. 
I would diet for about a month, lose enough weight to be encouraging and ease my (not too bothered) conscience, and then jump gleefully from the wagon.  Usually with a powdered doughnut in each hand.
Then I started hurting a few weeks back.  I won’t go into detail about that again.  But, now when I crave food, or see something that looks amazing, I totally look at it differently now.  All I see is a big question.  “Will this make me hurt?”
Things that make me hurt are the things that are terrible for you.  Grease, hydrogenated foods, soda and artificial sweeteners, and ANYTHING fried.  I’m wondering if this pain has been a wake up call for my health.  I’m much more interested in whole foods and natural or organic things. 
So it took a whole bunch of horrible pain for me to really look at what I’m eating.  Now I don’t want to mislead you.  I’m not making everything from scratch yet.  But I want to.  And I’m gearing up for it.  It will be interesting how working will affect all of these changes.
How about you?  How do you see food?