Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boys will be boys, even when the sprain their ankles (or especially when.)

This is my youngest child.  Holding a crutch to his head.  He’s a very creative child.  As soon as the nurse left him alone with the crutches, he turned one into a gun.  Then turned that onto himself.

You can take the gun away from the boy, but you can’t take the imaginary gun from the boy psyche.

Oh, you’re wondering why Gabe has crutches?  Oh.  Typical boy story.  He was playing with his dad.  (Do all injuries start out this way?)  He jumped off of the chair and landed with his ankle sideways and heard it pop.  Once the screaming stopped and we calmed him down, we could see it was pretty swollen.  So we did what all parents do. 

We waited. 

And when the swelling did not go down (I don’t know what we expected) and once I  called our Medicaid case worker to be sure I had the correct ID #, we headed off the the ER.  Well, with a pit stop at our local Dollar General for a pair of flip flops. For him and his sore foot. 

Y’all didn’t think that I stopped in the midst of crisis for a cute pair of flops, did you?  Well, I did peruse, but I resisted. 

So then we hit the ER.  They did such a great job of getting us in and out of there.  The did the digital x-rays that took, about 10 seconds, and we were through.  The longest wait was for the Dr. to type up our instructions. 

~No breaks, just a sprain near a growth plate so they decided caution wins the day and we get a cast and crutches.  BTW.  Those crutches, Gabe named Cru and Utch.  I told you, he has this wild imagination.
That’s my poor little hurt kid.  Can you see how much he’s suffering? 
And because when you go to the ER, you get to pick what you want, he picked Chinese.  Somehow, the little bugger got my camera and took LOTS of pictures of this place.  Just what I needed.
See?  Never say that I’m unwilling to post unflattering photos of myself.
Here’s one I like to call, “Moooommmm!  I’m hurt here!  Put the phone down and pay attention to MEEEEEE!!!!!”

This is actually a pretty cool.  He got a pic of me twittering:  Sprain your ankle, not only do you get a cast & crutches, but you get beef lo mein & fried rice too. Its hobbler's choice.   

How was your Monday?