Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Across the sea ~ LOST

There were very strong opinions on twitter about this episode.  My husband says it was a throw away episode.  He’s disappointed & disgusted.  I personally feel the opposite.  But first, a quick recap.
*SPOILERS!!* from here on in
Jacob and Smokey are twins.  I totally called this.  As soon as I saw that prego, I knew she would have twins.  (Not much to be proud of, but let me have it, please.)  I did not foresee Evil Lady killing Claudia and claiming her children.  Did they give us a hint of this before?  Say, a mention of “our mother” between Jacob and Smokey?  I can’t remember.
And will they ever reveal Smokey’s name?  Does he never get a name because his real mom only picked one name? 
So we get some insight into Smokey and his determination to leave the island.  It puts a whole new spin on who is good and who isn’t.  Jacob stayed with the woman who killed his mother. And Smokey wants to cross the sea to the land of his real mother’s people.  Who do you deem good or bad in this motley crew?  (More on this later.)
Smokey has figured out a way to leave the island, and it involves building a donkey wheel to channel the light and water that is so special to the island.  Then his mother smashes his head into the rock wall. 
Jacob sounds so much like a whiney Ben Lynus, “You wanted it to be him.  I’m all you have.”  But he drinks from the cup anyway.  Does anyone else think that Jacob seems weak?  He just let her manipulate him.
And then Mama goes on a rampage, filling in the well and killing the village, burning it.  THIS is supposed to be the good side?  Was all of that an elaborate plan to get Smokey to kill her?  She tells him “Thank you.” after he stabbed her.  She obviously couldn’t die on her own and somehow knew it was coming because she chose another protector for the light.
Jacob walks in and sees “Mother” dead and decides to get revenge on NoName, and throws him into the cave of light (which promptly spits out both NoName’s body and our friend Smokey.)
Now we know how Smokey came across his powers.  Smokey comes from the source of all light, which seems like an oxymoron to me.  So NoName dies after killing his “mother” and Jacob poses them in the cave and they are Adam and Eve.  Did anyone see this coming?  As soon as Jacob brought NoName into the cave with “Mother” it dawned on me. 
Now, to the episode itself.  I thought it was very interesting.  I know I’m harping, but I have said for a while now that there is no clear good/bad with this show.  I liked the look into Smokey’s beginnings.  Smokey is who/what he is because of Jacob and “Mother.”  And “Mother.”  That woman is certifiable.  She has no problem killing people that interfere with her plans. Even the preferred son that she stole from Claudia, who she killed. 
I am interested in what made NoName able to see Claudia.  And it is looking like we will never get to know Smokey’s name.  The man himself is dead.  Do you think we’ll get a name…ever?
I can’t wait to see what comes next.
Fill me in if I missed big stuff.

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