Saturday, September 11, 2010

It always comes back to books, doesn't it?

Howdy people!  I'm just firing off a quick post to let you know that I haven't forgotten this beloved world that is our blog.

My computer has taken ill.  It has a virus that won't let me do anything.  I can't even get to my anti-virus sofware to fix it.  I have to take the time to download a patch onto a disc from another computer and do a safe boot from there, but I just haven't had the time to fool with it.
I just know one of you people out there are comuter savvy, and want to help walk me through this, right?
Or are you all like me, getting all of your tech skills from our friend Google?

Well, this week has been a doozey, let me tell you.
I worked 5 in a row this week, and am definitely feeling the after effects.
Let's see.  What else is new?
I feel like this is becoming a place where I gripe about having to work.
Nobody likes reading that.  I'll stop.

Gabe is playing football and Livy wants to play the trombone.  The thing is as big as she is.  Well, that's hypothetical.  If we had one, it would be as big as her.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to get our hands on a trombone.  Anyone out there have one to donate to a lovely school girl wanting to learn to play a ginormous instrument?

Chirp, chirp.
Well, worth a shot, I always say.

I've been reading more lately.  Especially on my days off.  I sleep at night.  Until around 3 or 4.  Then I just can't sleep more.  So finally I figured that lying there was doing nobody any good, so now I get up and read in the quiet.
Let me say.  It is lovely.  I crave quiet these days and these mornings are a welcome answer to that.
I just finished reading a novel  (25 cent thrift store gem...hooray!) about the plague.  It was facinating.  I never knew that the "ring a rosy" plague sores were lymph nodes that had burst.
That was a bit depressing, wasn't it?  Sorry.

I'm starting Chocolat now.  I seem to be in a historical fiction kick right now.  Although I must say that historical fiction has always been a good friend of mine.
I haven't done a what's on your nightstand post in a while.  But mostly, what's on my nightstand these days is a Bible and the one book I'm currently reading.  So, that wouldn't be such a fun post.
I do try to keep my widget up to date (little box over there somewhere-->.)  That way you can always know what I am reading at the moment.
That is, if you care to fill your mind with such useless information.  It's there for you.

I've had to start a new Book book.  My lovely pink suede one from the bestest BFF in the world is packed away somewhere.  And believe me, I have looked for it.  But I just started this new one and will transfer all of my books into it whenever we are officially settled somewhere.  Whenever that may be.

I said I'd not gripe anymore, didn't I?
Well, that ends now.

Love you all!