Friday, November 5, 2010

Pre-review sample (laughs no extra charge)

I am reading a book to review. But, I thought I'd share a quick excerpt from it. I read an e-version of this book last year and recently got the opportunity to review this book for the blog.
Let me tell you that I love this book. Its called Mercury Falls by Rob Kroese.
It has lost of word play going for it. Here's an example.

"So the author of the books, Katie Midford, she's an agent of Satan?"
"Not sure about Katie Midford. She may just be a prawn."
"A pawn."
"No, a prawn. You know, a little fish."
"Prawns aren't fish," said Christine irritably. They're shrimp. I think you mean 'pawn.'. Like the little pieces in chess that get sacrificed for the queen."
"I thought those were prawns."
"They're pawns. Prawns are shellfish."
"Yeah, that's her all right. A greedy little prawn."

That right there is wordsmith gold.

I would have included links to the book, but I'm posting from my phone and not sure how to do that. Rest assured. I'll include links and a photo in the official review post. Until then, my friend, Mr. Google can tell you anything you need to know about the book and where to find it.
Read it with me?