Sunday, April 3, 2011

What are you reading? I’ll go first.



"We read to know that we are not alone."
C.S. Lewis

I read this just now.  He gets me.  Totally.

Right now I’m reading the following.




I love all types of genres.  You already knew that, didn’t you?  The first two are historical mysteries.  Fun stuff. 

The next is a futuristic fantasy.  The premise is that most of the human race has been wiped out by a monkey virus, and man has reverted back to not quite stone age technology.  They find a Bible, and a letter from the man who hid it. 

That’s all I know. 

I love fantasy.  I’m planning on working my way through the Lord of The Rings books.

And the last is my own personal crack.  I love travel/international memoirs.  Peter Mayle ruined me.

So what are you reading?  Pam’s probably elbow deep in some lovely textbooks. 

OH OH OH!! Did I tell you?

I have a Kindle now.  It’s beeee-yoo-teee-ful.  I adore that little hunk of techno-gear.  The Sword is the only one I’m reading at the moment on my Kindle.  I’ve read several books on it already.  I do find myself being less discriminating, reading on the Kindle.  There are all these free books, and I read them because they hey, who doesn’t like free.  Turns out some things are worth exactly what you pay for them.  I feel like I’ve wasted time and brain cells on a few books. 

I’ll just have to start buying more quality books. 

See?  You can solve almost any problem by just blogging it out.

O.  Back to the question.

I really want to know what you’re reading.  And if it’s any good.  I’m always on the lookout for something good to read.