Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will read for money ~ what works for me


Now.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m a bookie.  I love books, reading, smelling, holding, downloading, listening, kindling.  Whatever form I can get my grubby paws on, I’m so there. 

My kids.  Well.  Let’s just say that books don’t really compete with the DS, Wii, Xbox, Netflix, and Disney Channel. 

They read every once in a great while. 

I’m changing all that.  Call me the Obama of reading.  Change!  And like Obama, I’m giving money away left and right.  Get it?  Left and Right?  Oh.  I kill me.

I have decided that reading is too important, and I will have no child left behind.  Instead of getting paid for doing chores, which they should be doing anyway to be helpful members of the family, they are getting paid to read. 

I’ll have a little staff of copy editors running around my house.

The deal is; one book = one buck.  No picture books need apply.  Chapter books only.  Age appropriate ones, of course and yes they can include pictures in the chapter book.  I know.  Fine print will get you every time.

I want my kids to be readers.  I learn so much just by reading.  And I will admit that my vocabulary is above par.  All because of reading. 

I’m not a rich gal, I don’t have money to just throw away.  But I believe in this enough to sacrifice other places to make this happen.

So what habit would you be willing to pay to foster in your children?

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