Friday, May 13, 2011

Cameras and the stuff they do?

I added that question mark because there’s waaaay more I don’t know.

I have decided to become a Photographer.  Eventually.  I’ll have to save up and get a good camera, photo software, website, etc.  But until then I decided to start learning.

I found this site, explaining (in plain English) things like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and exposure. 

I was surprised to learn that most PAS (point and shoot) cameras these days have some sort of manual control of these areas.

So then I decided to play.  At night. 

Now you know what lovely photos you get at night, right?

I am of course talking about WITHOUT flash.  Flash kills photos.  But you also need enough light to, you know, actually see the subject in the photos. 

Here.  Let me show you. 

After playing around with turning almost every Auto feature in my menu OFF, I was able to get this.

And I straightened up my bookshelf after that.  It looks much better now. 

Here’s a bit more.

But still a decent night shot.  Eh.  Maybe.  But still, a cute pup.

Umm, no.  I just adjusted for Tungsten (regular bulb) lighting.

I’m telling you.  I really was floored that I could get an indoor photo at night without a flash.

I’m going to be taking more photos more often.  I’m also going to need a much larger memory card.

I’ll post and you can be my Guiney Pigs, mmkay?

Now, none of the above photos would be considered in any way good.  I just wanted to show you that reading the manual, and fooling around with the settings really does make a difference.

Well, I’ve had fun. 

Got any tips, books, websites you can recommend? 

Do you play with your settings for better photos?