Monday, May 9, 2011

Face Painting Tips

Now, the above pic may not look super professional, but it is better than your average bear.  I mean jungle cat.  Whatever.
I watched a pro do the face painting at a kids’ event last year and I brought home a tip or two or ten.

#1.  Cosmetic sponges.  I used the cheap, triangle ones.  These are essential for blending.  Don’t cake that stuff on your kid’s face.  It will crack and be uncomfortable.  Plus, it saves your stock.  So that you can have more face paint fun later on.  With or without children.  {wink}

#2.  You don’t have to be exact with your color.  Just blend on a good size blob of color, then use the black or darker colors to make your butterfly, kitty face, spiderman mask, whatever. 

#3.  Use your makeup.  I tested this look on myself the night before Missy Moo’s Cheetah project presentation (the reason for the face) and discovered that the black face paint stings the eye.  Not in the eye, though I imagine that would be less than comfortable.  The delicate skin around the eye.  So we used black liquid eyeliner for her eyes and the tiny whisker dots above her lip.

#4.  Use help.  There are many sites out there to help you get the look you want.  This one has instructions, but limited designs.  I just used Google images and combined elements I liked from several, along with looking at an actual Cheetah to get it close.  Well, as close as a human face could get with limited funds/talent/time.

#5.  Practice.  We practiced the night before, so I knew what I did want and did not want to do, and about how long it would take.  When playing beat the bus, you need an idea of how long this will be.

#6.  BLOT.  This is essential.  Otherwise you’ll have smears.  I found this out as I dropped her off.  (And I lost that game of beat the bus.  Thanks for asking.)  I used clean makeup sponges to blot the eyeliner so it wouldn’t transfer to her eyelid.  I forgot to blot the dots.  Grr…

#7.  Powder is your friend.  After you’ve blotted, of course.  Unless you want black face paint on your powder brush and tiny streaks on your face.  If so, rock on my friend.  Set the whole look with a quick brush of powder.

#8.  I would even invest in a few different size brushes.  The cheapie that came with the face paint was ok, but a bit big.  I’d have liked the lines to have been smaller.

#9.  Work on a sleeping child.  I can’t tell you the number of times I said “STOP MOVING!”  I think sitting would have helped, too.  Funny how you come up with so many great ideas after it’s over, right?

#10.  Cheat.  You could just scribble “CHETTAH” on the kid’s forehead and be done with it.  Let people hone that wonderful imagine everyone keeps yammering on about.

So there you have it.  I know.  You’re dying to see me in cat, right?  Well you don’t have to twist my arm so hard. 
Don’t you love my cat face?  (Hubby did NOT appreciate my feline form.)

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So, do you have any face painting tips to add?