Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I love Thursday ~ Basement Edition

I’m blogging from my basement.  Well, not really.  My In-Laws’ basement.  It’s not finished.  At.  All.

We live in upper east Tennessee, and are getting the leftover storms from the Alabama devastation. 

We have a Tornado Warning through the night.  I herded up the kids and various paraphernalia to get to a safe place.  (I think I freaked my daughter out a bit, telling her about the warnings.)

I’m thankful to have a basement to go to.  When the wind starts whippin’ I want a place that feels safer than somewhere with windows all around. 

I watched The Weather Channel today and saw all of the destruction in Alabama.  It really is heart wrenching seeing people’s homes and lives be taken. 

This dirty, buggy, glorified crawl space has become a haven with peace of mind.  Seeing that my kiddos are safe is the thing I love the most. 

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Did you get severe weather where you live?  Did you have to hide out in the basement or bathroom?