Friday, October 14, 2011

Makin' plans, dreamin' dreams

What I hope my basement looks like some day.


I put together this polyvore, hoping to get an idea of what my basement could look like one day. 
I'm making all of these plans.  I hope to move my office down there eventually. 

I'll explain my maddness.
The floor joists above are exposed, and they're that lovely honey color, so that's represented at the top. 
I have several gallons of reject paint from lowes ($5 baby!!!) that are different shades of blue and green.  I'm planning on painting each wall a different color.  I may even mix them, a la House Invaders. 

Side note.  That is a BBC show, where a designer comes over, uses stuff you have, mixes the paint you already own, and slaps it on anything not moving, to create a new look.  Great stuff, that.

Where was I?  
Oh.  Imagine that shelf full of fabric, and inspiration all over the walls.
I want an L shaped work space, so I don't have to roll very far.  Cause rolling requires effort, right?
We have concrete floors, that have never been sealed, I'm pretty sure.  I want to do a semi-transparent stain on them and seal those babies to a high sheen. 

High Sheen!  Haha!!!  Get it?  Winning!
Oh, I kill me.

Now, this is just planning phase.  It will take mucho elbow grease and some dough to get all of the supplies.  So this may not happen for a few months.  But a girl can dream, can't she?

Supplies!!!  Speaking of supplies, although this one isn't related at all to this project, I had a dream come true today! 

Remember how I can't post pics until I get my laptop back?  Well, there's almost always a way around.  I tweeted one from my phone, so I can retrieve it for you kind folks.

Back to the dreamy dream.
I brought this baby home to mama!  I've been wanting a good saw since I was a teenager, watching This Old House and The Yankee Workshop on PBS on lazy Saturdays. 

We had a $50 giftcard to Lowes, and I had a 10% off coupon (that was expired, but they honored it!!!)  Yes, it's the least expensive one, but I'm a beginner.  So it works out.  : )

I'm beyond thrilled. 
I'll be setting her up in a different part of the basement.  She looks female, doesn't she?  She's certainly pretty. 
She needs a name.  Maybe Lizzy?  Too gruesome? 

Help a girl out.  Got any good suggestions to name my new favorite play thing?