Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days...Seriously? What am I getting myself into?

Welcome to the PJs Til Noon's attempt at joining the Nester's 31 Days!  So what are we gonna write about?  Well…hmm…that’s a great question. 

With four kids, two part time jobs, and being a full time student, my brain gets tired.  Matter of fact, my heart, my soul, my emotions, and my body get tired. And if there’s one thing all this tiredness has taught me, it’s that I function so much better (ie.  nicer) when I am able to squeeze in some “quality” downtime.  I’ve learned that every day I need to laugh and enjoy and soak up a little bit of the silliness that keeps me sane.  (Uncontrollable bouts of pinning also help.)

In order to slow down and enjoy life, there's often a lot of "Unnecessary Necessities" we feel should be celebrated and most definitely shared.  This is a no-guilt zone!  So, yes, most of our 31-Day posts will probably be so shallow you couldn't give a bird a bath in them.  But please don't think this means WE are shallow.  We're really not.  We just often adore things that aren't really deep.  Again, no-guilt zone!  If you spent your whole “free day” in your pajamas, watching tv, eating chocolate, not doing the first stitch of laundry, and fed the kids hamburger helper for dinner…well, welcome to the sisterhood.   You have found your people.  (And if that statement completely horrified you, you are still welcome to join us.  You can even spray us down with Lysol if it makes you feel better.)

 Please hop on over to The Nester's and check out ALL the other 31-Day entries.  So much fun!


{My Disclaimer:  I still love Jesus more than anything and my family is still my most favoritist! (Why, yes, I am pursuing an English degree, why do you ask?)  I still strive to be a better Christ-follower, wife, mother, student, etc but you’re probably not gonna hear a lot about that this month. We haven’t gone off the deep end or on strike, we just hope you’ll see our 31 days as a little vacation from the “serious.”}

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