Saturday, October 6, 2012

Broadening our base (coat)

Like my Election Season pun? See what I did there? Ok. I'll stop. On to what matters.

I love to keep my nails short and polished. But the chips. Oh the chips! I’m typing right now with chipped nails. I despise chipped polish.

Recently I was on the lookout for a way to extend the days between self-manicures. I picked up this baby.---------------------------------------------------->>>>>
I love this stuff. It can be found at Wal Mart for right at $4. The packaging is a hot pink box. Hard to miss. If you’re serious about finding it, here’s what it looks like. (Trying to stay away from using pics from Google.)

It acts as a base/top coat and I get at least 5 days before my polish starts chipping. Most of the time, 6. This is with my doing dishes WITH MY HANDS LIKE A PEASANT every day. (Or whenever it piles up too high to be ignored, whichever.)  FOR REAL. 5 days!

It does take quite a while to dry completely. Most of the time, I’ll start at night, get one coat of top coat on, and wait for morning to finish. But let me say again. 5 days without chips. I am in love with this product. The fact that it’s cheap doesn’t hurt, either.

I have even used it on top of a professional manicure to make it last longer. Cuz you know those things look rough after a few days.

More greatness: I can use whatever color, whatever brand I want. This makes ANY polish last. Even the $1 stuff from Dollar General. I ain’t proud. Yes I shop at Dollar General. There’s one really close to the house and well, times is tough all over.

Let me know if you try this and if you get great results like I do. 

You have any great nail polish tips? I’d love to hear them!

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