Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Denim Dilemmas {or Junk "on" the Trunk}

Guess what I did on Monday?  I did the shopping that I hate more than any other shopping I do.  That's right, it was time for this year's fall uniform update and by that I mean new blue jeans.  

I love denim!  I'm one of those people who will wear a pair of jeans w/ a tank top and flip flops when it's 100 degrees outside.  Yep, that's me.   The problem is that every year I say to myself, this is the LAST pair of jeans I'm buying in this size.  Seriously, the next pair I buy will be two sizes smaller, as God is my witness, they will be!  And then I eat a dirty carrot.  Okay, not really, probably more like a Hershey bar with almonds and wash it down with a Mt.  Dew.  I'm also the person who usually buys one pair of jeans a year and wears the snot out of them.  But this year I have to actually "go" to four classes a week, so momma really needs some new duds!

Anyhoo…back to the denim details.  Actually, speaking of details, do you know how hard it is to find a pair of adult (but not mom jeans) with NO back pocket embellishment?  I mean seriously, I do not need to draw any more attention to that area.  Please no junk ON my trunk ;).

For the past few years I have relied on the A.N.A. brand at J.C. Penney.  They fit, they are comfy, and they are trendy without screaming HELLO I AM WEARING JEANS THAT ARE MORE APPROPRIATE FOR A COLLEGE STUDENT.  (Oh wait I am a college student...but you know what I mean!)  So I first hit up J. C. Penney's website, and every single pair of A.N.A.'s screamed at me.  Even the ones that are currently my old faithfuls, on the screen they were screaming.  They must be retired.

So I ventured out to my beloved Kohl's, because it's 15 minutes from my house and they give me good coupons, to see what I could find.   Lo and behold, I bought not one, but two pair of jeans.  Unfortunately, one pair still has more bejeweled butt than I like, but oh well.

Wanna know what I found?

First, this pair of Levi's.  

They are Levi's 512 Perfectly Slimming, bootcut.  I have them on now.  They have been to work, running errands, sat through math class, now my break, and I'm thinking they're gonna be my new favorites.  They've got that little bit of stretch in them without being clingy. Yay!  And they were on sale for $34.99.  (And yes, I am so cheap I think that's still ridiculous, I want to pay $12.99 for my jeans and evidently also have time move back to 1972.)  They still had a minimal amount of bedazzling on the buttocks.  But it's only one row of very matte, rivety-looking things, and they're kind of gun metal gray, and did I mention they're comfy?

The second pair are Chaps.  I'm not exactly sure those in the link are the same ones I bought, but pretty close.  I haven't given them an extended wear yet, but I put them on in the dressing room and it was like, yes, you will go home with me.  I don't care what price you are.  (Which is so not true, I would have dropped them like a hot potato if they were above $40, thankfully they were $39.99.)

And finally speaking of unnecessary necessities...I also picked up these little darlings...  

Have you shopped for any unnecessary (or necessary) necessities recently?  Or more importantly how do you feel about the current bedazzled butt trend? 

Let me know!


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