Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sometimes you have to just go to a concert.

I will get there eventually. Hang in there with me.

I had this $5 Amazon Mp3 credit just burning a hole in my … Amazon settings, and couldn’t decide what to use it on. So many great new albums. Muse just released a new one. I already have the newest Killers and Mumford albums. What to do?

I was trolling twitter. (Have I told you how much I still love twitter? I so do.) Someone was raving about the newest Gungor release. It’s a live album that includes some songs from previous albums. So I jumped the gun and bought it. Yay me! It is GOOD stuff.

I was cooking and washing dishes while listening and I had a thought. I wanted to see them live when they were near us around my birthday. But things didn’t work out.

They will be near us again this Friday, but our family is heading south to visit family and hunt. Oh not me. The boys will be hunting. It was looking like I was going to miss out again.

Something just hit me in my kitchen. I really want to see them live. My sister loves music. I’ll ask my sister to go with me!!!

So. Guess what my sissy and I are doing on Friday night? Driving back this direction and seeing this:

Now this is a completely fly by the seat of the pants spontaneous thing. My 19th anniversary is next week. But my beloved will not be home. He is staying at my parents’ to hunt. Weird, I know. But we never claimed to be anything else. I’m not mad about it. Well, not that mad. Just a tinsy bit. Ergo…

I decided it was unnecessarily necessary for me to do whatever the heck I want since I’m going to be alone on my anniversary. Right?

I’ll try to get some great shots and share if it works out!

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