Thursday, October 11, 2012

My fictional army

I love books.
You already know this. I just can’t stop myself gushing. But then I don’t even try.

It’s a noble thing to gush about, right? I feel so superior when I talk about how much I love books. Not really, I just never, ever feel guilty about it. There are some habits that we’re embarrassed to admit to. Not so with books. I’m even proud to admit that I will forego laundry to dive in to a great book. (And by great book I mean NOT Karen Kingsbury. So sorry if you’re a fan. I don’t mean to offend. Rock on with your Kingsbury loving self.)

But sometimes, I just can’t ignore the dishes and the dust bunnies. So what does a girl do?
A girl gets herself an Audible account and gets audiobooks.

Harry Potter, Tina Fey, Paul Atreides, Dr. Van Helsing, and Bill Bryson have all helped me get through the monotonous tasks of housekeeping.

I saw today that The Lord of The Rings books are now available UNABRIDGED! This is hours and hours and hours of laundry, dishes, even treadmill. For some reason, I feel like if I’m listening, I need to be doing something else. So. motivation, here I come!

Now, this is a monthly subscription. I could cancel it and save the money. I could also pull my hair out and do yankee doodle as spoken word poetry. But why would I ever do that? This is one of those things that FOR. REAL. keeps me sane.

And if the day comes that I really can’t spare the money, I’ll cancel. I’d probably not buy makeup first, though. In the mean time, I’m amassing an army of literary characters to fight bravely in my honor.

Yep. I have an army.


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