Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Internet. It's become a staple.

Ok. I guess, if I absolutely had to, I could.
But if I'm doing that, I'm going to live on the prairie with Pa and Ma and Laura and Mary.
Chop up some firewood, and put me a hand pump in the kitchen. Don't forget that picture window. Or the orange for Christmas. Or wanting to bop Nelly a good one.
I just flashbacked to my childhood. All of those episodes, Laura either running or crying.
Where was I? Oh.
It really has embedded itself into my everyday life.
I love my online world.
Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Netflix, Ted, Amazon, Facebook. That's the order of importance.
Facebook has become a nuisance lately, what with the election looming. Ugh.
So I stay away, mostly.
Oooh! Oooh! Did you see the most recent Parks and Rec?
I just realized I'm Tom Haverford!

I do too, Tom. I wish you could click those.
OK.. Maybe I'm not that bad.
But I do love me some clicking.
How else would you be reading this? See?
It's all for good!

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