Friday, October 19, 2012

I got nothin'

I'm sorta-kinda taking a day off.
I drove to the half way point today to get my husband. He's been out of town (at MY parents' house--SO NOT FAIR!) all week. He was hunting with my dad.
He's tired. I'm tired.
We're all taking it easy.
(As if I don't ever do that.)
So this post will be so shallow, it's barely there!
Let me see. There has to be something I can share.
-It was foggy and glorious this morning, so I drove around and took a few photos. Lovely.
-My car is a filthy mess and I'm ashamed.
-Apparently, you can glue a red solo cup to a candlestick and sell that puppy for $6. Cracker Barrel  thinks so, anyway.
-We have a new Cook Out in town. Their milkshakes are out of this world.
I'm thinking I could use one right now.
See ya!

Want to see more? Click the photo.

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