Saturday, February 14, 2009

PajamaGate - Case Closed

SUBTITLE: You Need New Undies (ya gotta read through to the end!)

Ah, can you taste it? The deliciousness of letting go of guilt is ever so sweet. I love my new PJs, they are so soft and comfy! And the matching slippers slipping my toes into their own little cocoon of silk fur.

I think three of the four kids noticed the new jammies and were so kind as to comment on the ‘cuteness’ of them. Of course I expect my girls to notice, but when the 11-year-old man cub says “mom, are those new? They look really cute on you”. May I say that sappy as it is, my heart just melts, go ahead sigh with me. Dear sweet boy, it almost makes up for the fact you can’t seem to stop chewing with your mouth open and your very unsuccessful attempts to ‘burp quietly’ at the dinner table, almost. Hubby also made a comment about my sleeping attire, but, sorry, I’m not allowed to share with you!

I was planning to give a recap of The Office, so I could try and compete w/ Jen and her snazzy post about Lost. But hubby and I were only half watching..hey, hey, not what you think! Okay maybe it is if you’re thinking sex. But it was the topic of discussion not the um…action. How’s that for a tease? Just hold on, I’m getting there.

Have I mentioned I LOVE reading blogs (translation severe addiction) and if I really enjoy them I always want to know what blogs the authors are reading. This is a slippery slope for me because I subscribe to tons of blogs already and I’m in serious danger of having an inbox overload. ANYWAY, this habit has once again seduced me into subscribing to yet another fabulous blog, The Diaper Diaries. If you’re not a reader yet, you should be!

Now let’s get back to the sex (hee hee I just feel so naughty even saying that and yes I am blushing fire engine red as I type), Diaper Diaries is hosting a 1 Corinthians 7:5 challenge. I thoroughly encourage all you married ladies to check out this challenge. The comments alone are hilarious but also thought-provoking and worth the time it takes to read ‘em. So if you get a minute, hop on over to Jill’s site and find out why you need all new panties. Of course I suggest you get yourself some new PJs, too!

Let’s just say after we read through the five challenges (and yes hubby read most of them), he heard me typing and with absolute horror in his voice ‘you’re NOT blogging about this are you?’ Not yet, honey, just leaving a little comment. My baby is a little blog shy still, as if I’d ever embarrass him in front of the whole World Wide Web?

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