Saturday, February 14, 2009

Show me the love--

I'm reflecting on Valentine's Day and what it means. I always, always got a heart full of chocolate from my daddy. Now my children are getting giant Hershey Kisses from Mawmaw and Daddad, via mail. Valentine's Day was always a time that I was reminded that I have a family who loves me enough to remember a seemingly small thing every year. That tradition was expected and anticipated by two little girls who already knew they were loved. The little reminder brought joy and a life-long love of chocolate. I'm still grateful.

I was shopping for my 4 valentines and continuing the tradition, thinking about the joy I want to bring to my children. I bought a big box of chocolate for the fabulous husband. I honestly didn't expect anything in return, because of the illness mentioned yesterday.

A while back I had mentioned I wanted a new wedding band. Before you get all sentimental on me, I was not wearing the original, which I outgrew with our first pregnancy. I have a diamond ring that I was not wearing because of eczema and the constant need for winter lotion (and a possible statement against blood diamonds, still mulling that one over and deciding if I will wear it again).

So I mentioned this ring I really liked and thought no more of it (except for looking at it and trying it on every time I went to that store).

Well, here it is...

Let me say that this ring is HUGE!! I love it! And I was surprised, he knew which one I wanted. This ring shouts "I'm taken, back off Jack." (That is a figurative Jack not a literal one.)
And that is my fabulous new Steve Madden purse, that I found on clearance at tjmaxx. Great bargain.
We are at this moment watching Fireproof.
It seems a very appropriate movie for Valentine's Day.
I don't think making VDay a huge deal, but I look at it as a chance to be reminded that love is important, but showing love is equally if not more important.
I hope your Valentine's is as great as mine has been, and it's only noon.


PJs Til Noon said...

Hey Jen! Loved your V-Day post! Gorgeous purse...but what I really want to know is if you were still in your PJs when you wrote it :).

PJs Til Noon said...

Really, you need to ask? Come on, I thought you knew me. Why do you think I needed the purse, to hide the worn old pjs. I have gotten new ones since, thouhg. Will possibly share them soon.

Anonymous said...

i got a big box of chocolate from ur daddy this year!! nananana :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha oops that was gracie!

jen said...

for anyone that wants to know (and I know most of you don't), Gracie who is getting big boxes of chocolates from MY daddy (and making me green with envy) is my beautiful niece. So, there you have it. Nothing creepy here, move along...