Friday, February 13, 2009

Total sicko

I'm really really really hoping that I'm not sick. You know those early stages, when you have suspicions but have not been kicked in the butt and flattened yet? That is how I feel now.
I was starving by 9 and decided to tentatively eat a bit. I'm hoping that move doesn't come back to haunt me.
My son had been ill for a few days earlier in the week and now my hubs is puking in a hotel room. (No, I didn't send him away just because he's contageous.) He is at our church's state prayer conference, which is a misnomer. It should be called Minister's Manditory Meetings with services and luncheons thrown in. As we speak, he and freinds are twittering while they whould be paying attention. Poor guys. It ain't easy to keep a youth pastor's attention span much more than 15 minutes unless you add serious humor in there.
I realize this is a completely self-absorbed post. I feel crummy. I don't feel like being inspiring, or confessing pajama addictions. I will say that it is funny, I almost bought and entire set of pjs yesterday, robe & all. The only thing that stopped me was they they didn't look attractive on.
Thank goodness I tried them on. Or else, I'd be wearing poor-fitted pjs right now instead of my old comfys.
So to sum up, here's a somewhat long post on why I don't feel like posting today.

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