Saturday, February 21, 2009

Purty Pajamas

In my best commercial announcer voice: Are you tired of shivering into your freezing cold pajamas every night? Well, then I have the solution for you. Introducing, the Pajama Warmer! Okay back to my real voice, which kind of sounds like yourself doesn’t it since you probably don’t know what I sound like. Anyway, back to the Pajama Warmer. I kid you not. I was searching for jammies, after all if you’re going to stay in your PJs Til Noon you really need to have some cute ones--just in case you have to answer the door y’all!

While on my quest for delicious nighttime attire, I found the Pajama Warmer. Evidently this is a big seller because they’re currently SOLD OUT! My favorite part of the description is the “Pajama Warmer is not to be used as a heating pad.” Hee hee. Pajamas only, people, don’t be trying to stick your feet in there or anything.

Hubby and I prefer to keep our bedroom a little bit chilly, we love us some cool sheets. Yep, a cold bed is very conducive to snuggling! So I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the Pajama Warmer anytime soon. Not to mention I'd probably sweat buckets in 'heated' clothes. But maybe your bedroom feels like an igloo, if so, this could be the very product for you. (I know you want one Jen, my hot-flashing BFF! And no I’m not saying she’s hot and flashes people, she’s finally quit doing that kind of stuff. Again, I kid, really, but not about the hot flashes.)

So back to me posting the cutest sleepwear I could find this Saturday evening. Most of my PJs have been purchased from Target on clearance, I love, love a bargain (I once got a pair for $3.24—Shut Up, I know , right?) And I really, really love Nick and Nora prints. I had to physically restrain myself this Christmas NOT to buy matching PJs for me and both my girls!

Being the frugalista I'm striving to be I want to be clear I’m NOT endorsing spending mucho dinero on these oh so pretty & glamorous damask PJs. But ain’t they purty? Unless you really deserve them, then go ahead, you have my permission to splurge.

I am currently fascinated with all things damask, probably because I’m considering redoing our chilly bedroom in either black /white with damask accents. Do you think I can squeeze in just one more sentence with the word damask? Damask makes me think of old Hollywood glamour. Mission accomplished.

And since I know you’re dying of curiosity I’m currently garbed in my cheap PJs (the infamous PajamaGate pair). Furthermore to satisfy your never-ending need for every minute detail (oh wait that’s my need to share them), we’re watching the Discovery Channel. Yay, Extreme Loggers!

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jen said...

Are you saying I'm not hot? And it's been at least 6 years since I've flashed anyone. It is possible that while I was nursing... When you walk around Wal-Mart bodily feeding your baby, there could be peep show moments. And I know, how yokel.