Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clean Sweep Amateur Hour: A heart-broken girl finds solace

Ok, I thought this was just a cute little sign.  I got it in an email a few years ago and laughed at it.  Then my laptop decided to we needed a break.  I even got the whole "It's not you, it's me." speech.  
And then I discovered that this sign is true.  I can testify.  See what I accomplished yesterday.  
This is my everything room.  Well, not everything.  But, a lot.  Craft, sewing, laundry, storage of all sorts.  This was the final frontier, the room that desperately needed cleaning but all the other rooms got done first.  I have conquered where no man has gone before (only because we couldn't get past Laundry Mountain).
This is my craft table.  That's my sewing machine.  Notice that the table is completely clear of debris and clutter.  This was not so a few days ago.  Clothes and unfinished projects were piled up as high as the lamp.
This is one of the corners.  I have fabric on the shelf by the table.  There are various things in the drawers.  The box has curtain rods and other tall thin things.  The small drawers have small scrapbooking doodads, ribbon, buttons, etc.  The bin is full of fiber fill.  That's my sewing box that my beautiful sister gave me.  I love the fabric on it.  This corner is not pretty, but it is functional.
This bookcase is absolutely overflowing with fabric.  See all the white?  Those are vintage chenille bedspreads.  They sell in antique stores for $30-40.  I inherited them when my grandmother went to the nursing home.  I plan on slipcovering my sofas with them one day.
Yes, it goes all the way up to the ceiling.
All sorts of things have their home in this room.  Luggage, wrapping supplies, vacuum, ironing board, unfinished projects.  The big blue lump of fabric is a comforter that is hanging to dry.  I call that the wonder bar.  Ha!  My son's bears jersey is hanging behind it.  That is one of the best ideas I've had, if I do say so myself.   See the red bag right below the pillows?  That is the bag 0 hats.  I bet we have 50 hats in that bag.  I'm thinking ebay...
There's the floor!!!  It has been a very long time since this poor floor has been able to breathe.
This is Lou's room.  That is Olivia to those who don't know.  I call her Lou most of the time.  We acquired the pom-poms from the girls tea that she went to at church last week.  We have the best children's pastors in the world!  The curtain is actually a dress made in Indonesia.  I just hung it on a rod and she loves it.  It reminds me of a side pony tail.
This is her little table and dresser.  The quilt hanging is her baby crib quilt that I made.  Go me.  I love that quilt.
This is my boy's tv corner.  Spider Man drops in every now and then just to see if they are behaving.  I hate to say that he has caught them fighting more than once.  Dave killed that deer a few years ago.  He is probably mortified that I don't know exactly when or how much it weighed.  I do know we named him Buckley.
This is Gabe drinking water in his newly clean room.  I got in there and cleaned it a little before Christmas.  At the time, I didn't check everything I threw away.  Regret that.  There was an old broken cd case that went in the garbage.  We discovered the next day that they kept all of their video games in that case.  Yes.  All.  Gone.  Every.  One.  I had that sick feeling in my stomach that day too.

Well, there you have it.  Broken computer means clean house.  I will admit that I have been trying to purge and get more organized for the last few months.  Maybe I just needed a push.  I had to have something to keep my mind off my break-up, or I'd be seriously down.
My clean house make me feel better, but I still want my baby back.

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Mom of Many Messes said...

Thanks for the shoutout girly! And my you have been very busy...makes me almost want to tackle some of my trouble spots...I said almost!