Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jennifer and the Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day

Forgive me while I whine.
My laptop fried today.  My baby, she was only a year old.  I'm just sad.  I woke up with a terrible horrible headache and while I was trying to be perfectly still on my bed (movement hurt), who knows what happened but it just started smelling like a fire.  Hubba-bubba was asking what was burning.  I mumbled something like "mwaaahh" and continued with the stillness.
I get up about 2 hours later with just a tiny remainder of a headache, and very thankful for that.  I go to turn on my computer and get the screen that tells you the computer shut down improperly and gives the option to start normally or repair, or whatever it says.  I never pay attention.  Maybe that is the problem...
Click, it just goes off.  I pulled the power supply out of the unit and a few very pretty wisps of smoke come curling out.  That's when I knew.
And got that sick feeling in my stomach.  You know the one.  The no-good, very bad one.
Right now I'm on a Mac and really wishing I had the $ to buy one of these when I got my little baby laptop.  Ahh, well.  Nothing to do, but find a brilliant computer wizard who loves to tinker and fix people's broken dreams computer.
I'll let all ya'll know when my little baby is running and we're playing again.
Pray Jesus Pray.
(This is what my mamaw used to say when the roads were slippery and the car would slide on the mountain curves.)
Seriously, Pray

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Kaycee said...

I'm sad for you. Please know that you and your laptop will be in my thoughts.