Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sawyer, James, Jim, LaFleur.. who is he?

What the WHAT!!! What was that thing, (the giant statue mooning everyone) and now that their noses have stopped bleeding, when are they? Hubba-bubba says the title has nothing to do with this group of people being lost, it describes the viewers' understanding of the plot.
That voice...could it be? It is. And it is...Sawyer in a Dharma suit.
Sawyer had a bath and a shave. Apparently, ABC has heard the cries of women bloggers everywhere and decided to clean him up a bit. I personally don't know which version I prefer. They gave him the nerdy glasses, too. But do they become less nerdy on him? I vote yes.Someone has the nerve to ask:
Who put Sawyer in charge? I did. I totally have that kind of influence with the writers at ABC.
See, he can talk down a possible mutiny (well one mutinous Miles) and then swoops in to save the bag lady against scientific advice.
Nice shot Sawyer. That there's some good shootin. That is what he would hear if he made that kind of shot in this area of the country. And that purty wowman is a dead-eye. Ok, enough.
Did Sawyer recognize Amy the first time he saw her? Now, I'm not the only one who thought this. I gave the message board another try tonight. I may be getting better at multi-tasking. I'm not, however getting any better at the harpyishness. But hey, this is my flaw. Don't blame the show.
Good old Jin, I really like him. He offers to carry Amy's husband's body back to the compound. I guess he's very empathetic to her losing her spouse. He still thinks that he will never see Jin again.
That woman. Here Jin is carrying dead weight (I couldn't resist that one.) and she lets the sound alarm go off on them. As if they haven't had enough of that lately. It is a wonder they ever trust her later on.
Anyone notice how much Sawyer looked like Locke when he smiled at the news of the baby. Now, I could be just completely way off with this. There are so many theories floating around out there, and this one is one of the less absurd ones. Believe it or not.
And enter little Charlotte...I miss her already, especially since it will be 20 years before we can see her again. I'm just trying to remember if they ever showed her mother with her tonight. I'll have to go back and see.
Now we get Richard striding in like he owns the place. Does he own the place? If we are talking own like the mob owns, then yes. He comes in talking about the truce being broken. He's gonna take them all out. And everyone is scared of him.
The truce was broken, but James is trying to save everyone. He is just not afraid of anyone.
Sawyer is one smooth talker.
One dead body for 2 missing others=truce still intact.

Horace Godspeed goes to break the news to dead dude's wife. She must surrender the body (ha ha instead of booty!! ha)
Smarmy little dude, he says it is her choice, and if she decides no then, "we will suffer the consequences." Why give her a choice? Wouldn't that be better than guilting her into giving up her dead husband?

Sawyer and Juliet have a summer camp-like heart to heart about leaving or not leaving on the dock. Juliet wants to go back and...what, re-live her childhood? She's been wanting to get back to her sister and the baby, but right now, sis is a baby. Sawyer whines a little and convinces her to stay.
I'm digging this softer side of James.
But not the Juliet hook-up. I really don't know how I feel about that.
When did Sawyer become rational and Mr. Therapist? Talking Horace through the big fight and why he was drinking when the baby was born and just being very umm -- normal. Where did the Sawyer we know go? Was he replaced with this James? He has yet another heart to heart with Horace about getting over old flames. I'm still a little off kilter with him not screaming and getting mad all the time. Oh and don't forget his potty mouth.
Is he over Kate? He says absolutely. He can't remember her face. We shall see...

OOOhh. He sounds like the old Sawyer when he answered the phone. Maybe he was simply suffering from sleep deprivation in all the earlier episodes. A good night's sleep in a comfy bed and air conditioning has transformed the man.
They reunite.
bet that face isn't so forgotten now, is it?
I am still shocked and dismayed every time that Lost logo appears on the screen at the end. I always know it is coming, and coming soon, but it still gets me. Every time.
Here is my version:
Less dramatic, and more anticipated, but there you go.

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Sarah Eliza said...

Crazy episode huh? Crazy good I thought... soooo many questions, but at least the plot is moving forward again...