Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mii Needs a Bigger Shirt

I Love My Personal Trainer! Oh yeah, girls, he’s totally hot! I mean I really love him, truly deeply and have for almost 17 years now. (I feel old!) I guess you’ve figured out my ‘trainer’ is my dearest darling hubby. I really love that man, but I could almost really dislike being trained by him. (You just can't use the word hate and hubby in the same sentence! It does not work!)

Let me just give you a little background, Daryl is in great physical shape. He’s a natural athlete, loves anything and everything to do with sports and being active. I’ve actually heard him say ‘I love to sweat.” Eww…I (who already have issues w/ sweating, I know gross) hate anything to do with sweat.

Just one rabbit trail, please, and then I’ll try and stay on the hunt. Why do men think it’s funny to say ‘feel my shirt’ when it’s disgustingly soaked with their sweat? Is this just my hubby? And why did it take me 10, okay, 15 years, to learn NEVER to touch, smell, or taste anything when he holds it up and says ‘hey, _______(touch, smell, taste) this!”

Getting back to the facts, hubby is probably only 10 pounds heavier than when we married in ’93. I have let me see how I can put this..gained approximately 3.2 lbs for every year we’ve known each other. I also have a strong dislike of any physical exertion. Not to mention I’m also unathletic, uncoordinated, unbalanced (just ask my Wii Fit), and unmotivated. However, just like every other new year we have once again started a ‘healthier lifestyle’ journey.

Which brings me back to my personal trainer, here’s a little peek into last night’s first session with the Bow Flex (it had been sent to Exile Island but was allowed back into the tribe last night, I’ll let you know if it found the hidden immunity idol).

D: All right, let’s go. What do you want to start with 40 or 50 lbs?
P: Um, 10 or 15.
D; That’s not enough, you need to sweat.
P: I need to take it easy so I can move tomorrow.
D: You don’t look like you’re straining at all.
P: I’m not and don’t want to. (next set of reps) Did you increase the weight?
D: It’s not my job to keep up with what you’re lifting. (Um excuse me but it is.)
P: (inaudible) liar liar pants on fire.

Enter son #2 who is athletic like his father and also ‘working’ out with us.
J: Mom, (insert obnoxious 11 year old snicker) can’t you do more? I did more than that.
P: J, if you don’t go away your mama is really gonna smack you.
D: Seriously son, step away from your mama, this is not the time.

Fast forward a bit.
D: Do jumping jacks while you’re waiting for your turn.
P: (looking at him like he’s crazy) Um, no!
D: Why not?
P: Because I gave birth to four children…do you want details?
D: Well do something to keep your heart rate up.
P: I am, I’m watching American Idol.

Poor baby, he really does have his work cut out for him, doesn’t he? And honestly I am very grateful he's willing to assist me on my journey to help my Mii at least be able to find a shirt that fits (see above pic)--thanks babe, you're the best!

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jen said...

Pam. Seriously, I can just see D doing that little jog in place thing he does when he wants you the "sweat" with him. Too funny.

janetfaye said...

I want to get a Wii Fit.

I have always hated doing jumping jacks!

Wifey Dessert said...

this was too funny!! i am so glad you have someone to help you!! and i love the thing about american idol LOL!!!

Kaycee said...

This cracked me up. And all I can say about American Idol is, Tatiana. That got my heart rate up, but probably not in a healthy way.

Mom of Many Messes said...

My heart was sad for Felicia, we were rooting for her hard! It's not everyday someone you've actually met is on a national TV show! I do think they've chosen 'drama factor' over 'talent' this season...sob...

Laura said...

Hahaha, you are hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh today!

Anonymous said...

LOL- my weight lifting husband is my personal trainer too! Some days I have to remind him that I can't bench press 400 pounds like he can.

jen said...

I just re-read this and realized something. You DID use the words hate and husband in the same sentence. In the parentheses ( ).
Ha ha ha.
It made me laugh almost as much as the mii needing a bigger shirt.

thediaperdiaries said...

I don't understnad people that love exercise and sweat either. Give him a hard time. It is only fair :)