Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shout Out!

So Jen, I want to know, what’s it like to go shopping with you? What kind of breakfast cereal do you like? Do you like soy milk?

I’m sure I’m murdering the quotes but that‘s the gist of one of the convo’s between the judges on American Idol tonight. But my real reason for even mentioning it is that I want to give a great big old Virginia Shout Out to
Felicia Barton! Go girl, I think you totally knocked it out of the park tonight…woo-hoo! Talk about God’s timing and allowing Him to work in His own time table. I'll just amen myself there...Amen, Sister!

Now please excuse me I’m off to wait for the phone lines to open up…
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Oh wait one more shout out—Jen! I loved your
LOTR geek post. Love, love, loved the ‘people who God misses most’ ..oh honestly made my heart hurt. But how dare you forget the actual name of the volcano is Mount Doom? Or at least I think I read that obscure fact somewhere but I'm too lazy to doublecheck my facts tonight. But double points for remembering Mordor.

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jen said...

Ok, I agree and shout out with you. I'm totally getting a hair appointment tomorrow to get her hair. Very Joan Jett.
And yes, you are correct about Mount Doom. Maybe I'm not as geeky as I thought!!! HA!