Thursday, May 21, 2009

14 Years Ago

What were you doing 14 years ago today?

I was probably waiting my turn to hold my less-than-an-hour-old firstborn. No joke. Between the nurses, the grandparents (first time for my parents), the aunts, and of course the very, very proud daddy, I barely got my hands on the child those first few days. I didn’t think I even got to change a diaper at the hospital. (I would say at least I got to ‘feed’ him but that would probably embarrass said child to the high heavens and I would never want to do that, at least not on his birthday.)

I don’t remember really caring that other people held him. I’m guessing I was probably still in a fog from my 36..that’s right baby..36 hours of labor. And I’ve got child-bearing hips, people! I should not have had such long labors. AND only one, yes, ONE of the four took less than 12 hours –thank you Josie, Mommy loves you best! Please don’t leave me comments about your ‘barely made it to the hospital, had the baby in the parking lot’ stories. That type of comment will cause me to have hate in my heart and that’s just not nice. Feel free to leave long birth stories, I enjoy commiserating with others who have experienced my plight.

I also had an epidural with all four labors..yeah, baby. I have this strange aversion to pain, and what I hate even more is people seeing me in pain. I like to be tough (stop laughing those of you who know in me in the real world) and, I chose NOT to be tough during labor. So I opted for the needle…every. single. time. And I loved every minute of it (well, after the giant needle part).

In fact when I was in labor with boy #2 (27 hours), they had given me an epidural and I fell asleep (no sleep the night before) and when I woke up I couldn’t open my left eye. Matter of fact my whole left side felt a little funny. But there was no way I was going to tell my nurse I thought my left side was paralyzed because I was afraid she would turn down my epidural! I honestly remember thinking, I’ll deal with this after the baby’s born. Fun times, fun times.

This post was supposed to be about my darling boy and how great he is before my labor stories hijacked the whole thing. So if you’d like to read about that, go here for the sweet thing he did a couple weeks ago! And I do love my firstborn son but even better I really like him and the person he is becoming.

So here’s hoping you have the Happiest of Birthdays, JDC Club President!

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jen said...

The happiest of birthdays to Josh. I really do love that kid. He seems to like me too, every time I see him he gives me a hug. He's 14. That's BIG, people!! You've got a great kid there, Pam. Well, 4 great ones, but this is all about that first one.
BTW, Liv was born 45 min after I got to the hospital, 4 hours after I went into labor and before the epidural even took effect. That's right...15 min of push time.
I really couldn't resist bragging a little.
I did pay for it with Gabe, though.
12 hours...
Please tell me you don't have hate in your heart for me!