Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm a Teeny-Tiny Bit More Shredded than Last Week

Well, I’m still at it..sort of. I have semi-completed Level 2 three times in the past week or maybe it’s more like 10 days but who’s counting? Oh that’s right, I should be. Level 2 is full of push-up/plank style exercises. All I can is say is thank God for Anita, who is the low-impact version of the work out. And I’ve tried to either get a walk or some time on the elliptical as much as possible.

Our spring schedule is starting to wind down and that leaves us with a little more free time in the evenings. D and I have been able to take a walk the last couple of days, we even broke out into a jog yesterday. And don’t fall over people, but it was actually my idea to jog! It was NOT my idea to jog the rest of the way home and to ‘burn it’ for the last two minutes…I think I’m still breathing hard from that episode. Burn it? Really? But that’s my trainer, always trying to push me a bit further.

So all of the aforementioned blathering was meant to lead up to the big ‘weight update’ I planned to do each and every week. Now it’s been what, 15 days? Oh well, if you read this blog at all you’re very aware of the fact that I’m a slacker, sadly our title is not just a catchy turn of phrase.

Now, drum roll please. Someone finally told my scale I was sweating copious amounts (eww) to try and work my badonkadonk off. Yay! I’m down 5 lbs or as someone once told my mom, that’s 20 sticks of butter. I bet you’ll think twice before buttering your roll now, huh? Not me, a hot roll without melted margarine is like a baked potato without cheese, bacon, and ranch…and I wonder why I’m carrying around XX extra pounds. Obvious, right?

Now I’m off to reward myself for all this hard work. Actually I just watched the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 so I’m off to drown my sorrows in something loaded with some sugar and hopefully a good dose of fat as well.

I think there’s a Hershey bar left from our smores that I hid somewhere….

So the 30 Day Shred (plus some elliptical workouts and some trainer sessions) are working for me!

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Paula said...

Yea Pam!!!! 5 pounds is GREAT!!!!!!!! I have now incentive to do anything BUT I did atleast get my treadmill inside my house this week. I do believe that is a step in the right direction :0)

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOOT! 5 pounds is totally awesome!!!!!!!!

So proud of you!