Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost, no clue about the title

Wow!!! Only one more to go and then the waiting game begins. I will be so sad. But what a night. I missed the first 10 minutes due to the stupid Jonas Brothers and their new show and a daughter living in this house that made it home before me and canceled my DVR. Which means that I forgot to record it again, so I can't go back and re-watch.

Yes, I re-watch. People, there is a lot of info to keep up with in this show.

Anyway, said daughter is now grounded for 74 weeks and will never see anything Jonas ever again.

Yeah, right...

Anywho, I'm going straight from memory with no notes, or nuthin. I may keep this one short and sweet for the reasons above and a storm is coming through. With satellite internet, you never know when the weather will jack it all up for you.

I came in with Sun asking Richard about Jin. I'm really pulling for these two to make it to each other. It would be such a shame for the plane to land and them end up divorced not knowing that they could have worked it out.

Then Kate and Jack being hauled into the Other tent. It seems like Kate has been reading our blogs, people. She said what all of us have been saying. I was proud that she didn't even mention..."Ummm, I'll be going to jail, I don't want to fix it." She is thinking about the relationships and the not miserable times, as she told Jack.

Boy, can Sawyer take a beating. We already knew this of course (polar bear cage). Oooo...that makes me think of the similarities. Kate was there watching and now it is Juliet. He's got enough vinegar in him to just spit after being smacked pretty durn hard. But hit his woman...well, I think that man's days are indeed numbered.

The whole thing with John now being the leader is making me wonder about him. He seems to be enjoying this a bit too much. I always liked him before, you know, the underdog and all that, but now, I'm not so sure about him. I do like how he has Ben's whole world reeling. You can see on his face that this is all new and uncomfortable for him. Richard seems just fine with it, though.
Ok, let me say that Razowsky (whatever...I refuse to even learn the man's name!) trying to take over, and even wresting power from Dr. Chang. COME ON dude. Seriously, you think people will take orders from Mr. Intensly Overdramatic With Bad Hair?

Alright, y'all know I usually get this up late Wed. night. I was almost done and my computer went crazy. Thank you Blogger for the auto save. I logged out to try to do a quick fix (I was getting tired.) Then Blogger wouldn't let me sign in. Now, I retract my previous thank you, Blogger.

So here we are Thursday morning and for the life of me I cannot remember any more details about last night's episode. Not even the title. Good thing I have all of these Lostie Bloggy friends to jog my memory.

Off I go to visit & comment.
But I'm getting coffee first.
You gotta have some priorities...

***I will add here: When Sayid popped out of the grass, everyone here cheered and clapped. It was a great moment. I just love Sayid. I did however have to have a conversation with my 13 yo about how terrorists really are bad. (He said something like "Love the terrorist." I know... nice...)But Sayid is reformed, so we still like him.

***I'm back. I forgot to mention Miles & Dear ole Daddy. It was great to see him understand that his father was protecting him, not dumping him. I have to point out here, that I totally called it in this post. The one where daddy is reading to baby Miles. It just makes me wonder why it took Miles so long to realize it. He knew the Purge was coming, didn't he? Or something equally catastrophic. O-well. I just had to get that pat on the back in there.


~*Michelle*~ said...

Good comparison with Sawyer and the polar bear cage! *high five*

I really wish Sayid would get to Radzinsky and open a can of Torturer Whoop %#^& on him, huh?

My thoughts (or whatever I could decifer) are up.....

Can't wait for next week's finale!!!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hahaha! The whole Jonas brothers thing, and "Mr. Intensly Overdramatic With Bad Hair" made me laugh.

I'm so over John as the leader lol... he's developed a downright smirk.

And I loved Sawyer in this episode. He's a really great guy, and has such awesome lines... "we'll buy Microsoft..." :P

You're caught up on the first 10 minutes right? I missed them too, and just watched this morning -- huge little pronouncement from Richard there!