Thursday, May 7, 2009

The One Where I Update Yesterday's Post

Part One is Here!

· Jared’s toe is still broken.

· The cake turned out luv-r-ly! I will post pics soon and some of my tips and tricks for easy decorating (Translation: How to cover up mistakes on a very, very imperfect cake and still have your kids think you are a baker extraordinaire!)

· The Shred is 20 minutes of absolute torture. I have now completed two days in a row. It will be a full out miracle if I am able to do anything at all today. My shoulders, ouch, my arms, ouch, my abs, ouch, my thighs and calves…OUCH….yeah it’s that good. As my partner workout partner(my Jillian) says ‘it hurts, but it’s a good hurt, right mommy?’ I plan to rest this morning, take 2 Advils every 4 hours, and hopefully by this afternoon make an attempt to complete Day 3 of the Shred. I’m not phoning it in! However, I’ve done the last two days in the evenings when my two boys are home. I do not advise exercising around the man cubs (remember this? You’d think I would have learned). You will receive comments like ‘she said do a push up, mom. What are you doing?’ If you choose to ignore my advice be prepared for uncontrollable laughter (from the boys) and intense anger (yours as you try not to kill your smart aleck children).

TMI ALERT! The following paragraph contains Too Much Information. Read at your own risk.

As Jillian so cruelly taunts if 400 lb people can do jumping jacks then I should be able to. Just one question though, Jillian, you black-hearted wench, did those 400 lb people deliver four children um,you know, NOT by c-section? Things CHANGE when you have babies. Let’s just say after my first ‘shred’ I learned that an empty bladder is a pretty darn important pre-workout preparation. My Jill (not the black hearted one) spilled an entire bottle of water and I honestly thought …well…I was really thankful when she said she had spilled her drink. Yep, I went there. Sorry.

I'm off to soak my aching body in a hot bath.

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Kaycee said...

LOL. Jillian is evil. I agree with you on the jumping jack thing and I've only had two. I'm not quite sure how to handle it either. Maybe some astronaut diapers?