Monday, May 25, 2009

They say it's your birthday!

Today is a very special day. Thirty *ahem* something years ago, a great friend was born. I got to see her today and took this picture. Which I promptly edited and doctored on Too much fun. I do think she tolerates my goofy silliness. As evidenced in this pic.

It is rare that you find a truly great friend, and when you find one, celebrate! I am lucky enough to have found a fantastic friend in Pam and I'm thankful.

So, this is brief, but I want to wish my BFF a very happy birthday.

You're finally as old as me. Wait...if I'm older does that mean I can boss you around? I tried that one with my childhood bff. Didn't work then either...

Here's to you, Pam. Thanks for being my OHH. (Inside joke -- sorry to be rude to those of you who don't know, but I couldn't resist.)

Love you & Have a great one,

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Mom of Many Messes said...

How did you know I 'thought-bubbled' in purple? And if you HAVE to post pics of me, then I definitely always want a tiara from now on.

Thanks for all the kind words OHH, you must know I feel the same!!! I'm not getting all sentimental b/c as far as I'm concerned we don't have a buyer for our river-front property yet....the market is so bad this time of year!