Monday, June 1, 2009

Could you live in the bubble? Just vacation there.

*The following commercial does not express the viewpoints of Blogger or the administrators of this blog.*

Actually, that's not true. This is my viewpoint. But it is a commercial and I felt the need to throw out that disclaimer.

I've told you that my husband totally stole our idea (that we stole from Kicking it in Crazyville) to blog with his BFF, right? Well they have quite a happening thing going on over there this week.

They are hosting an experiment this week where they can only partake of "Christian" entertainment. Yes, giving up facebook for faithbook (I swear that's real and it sounds like you have a lisp when you say it), watching TBN, listening to early 90's christian music via Spirit FM. You know, living in the bubble.

And the best part...

I am the rule keeper!!!

So head over there and check it out. I think they have posted the official rules thus far and will daily update their experiences. If you think of any entertainment they have not listed, feel free to comment and enlighten them.
They are at

I know they have both been dreading this, but the week is here and my television was tuned to GodTV until Dave left the room, then Gabe (home sick) got to play Guitar Hero.
(Giggle, Giggle)


Anonymous said...

Dirty Dirty! You are getting entirely too much enjoyment out of this! The Faithbook lisp thing is soooo true!

Anonymous said...

This has easily been the most entertaining thing in ages. I think it should be a monthlong stay in the bubble.