Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Wish For You

The 14-year-old had an end-of-the-year project and for some reason I had to do part of it. What's up with that?

I had to write a paragraph starting with "I wish for you." And in true Josh fashion, he told me about it Sunday night and he needed to turn it in Monday morning, probaby it was actually due on Friday knowing Josh as I do.

I wasn't thrilled to do this because honestly I am not handling this growing up stuff with my usual poise, grace, and dignity. Becuase everyone who knows me would automatically use those three words to describe my personality (deep, deep saracasm here, people, extreme).

Not to sound creepy or anything but I feel like we're 'breaking up'. He's growing up, he doesn't need us as much as he used to, and while part of me is happy and excited well the other part is in some serious mourning. He's on a trip today to an amusement park by himself!! Well, there will be a couple 100 other 8th graders and a pile of adult chaperones..but not me!

So to get back on track, here's my 'I wish for you' homework assignment:

I wish for you to always reach higher and further and deeper in yourself to reach your goals and dreams. I wish for you to never doubt your God-given talents and the fact you have been chosen for a special purpose here on earth. I wish for you to always be secure that your family adores you and will always, always give you our unconditional love and support. I wish for you to make a difference in your world. I
wish for you to never lose your unique perspective on life, your determination, and your joy in all things! I wish for you to keep smiling!
Sigh. So today I say goodbye to my little boy and welcome to the world my soon-to-be high schooler, young man. He's a great kid, err, I mean young adult.

Excuse me while I break out the sackcloth and ashes. Have I mentioned my baby also starts K in the fall? The same week above-mentioned young adult starts high school? (And yes, I do know I'm mentioned it repeatedly.)
The pic above is of Josh and his cousin Jacob who were born on the same day!


Heather and Reese said...

This hits home for me! My oldest is also entering high school this fall and my middle child is on to Jr. High. I want my babies back! I love who they are and where they are going but it makes me so, so very sad to think about how fast the time does fly!

I love what you wrote to your son. I had to do something similar for Kyleigh. It was fun to put my thoughts about her on paper. Good job mom! I know what you are going through.


davewebb87 said...

He'll be married before you know and then you'll get to blog about being GrandMa

jen said...

Pam, that's his way of making you laugh through the pain. Can you tell he has not one sensitive bone in his body?

Mom of Many Messes said...

We'll just wait until Livy gets married, wonder who will cry the most when Dave has to give her away! All right, it'll still be Jen but I bet Dave at least gets misty!!!

Ryan said...

I'm doing the full out ugly cry!! Pam spoiled me, and allowed me to be one of those aunts who feels like Josh is mine! I am also one of those aunts who can't wait to see the amazing young man he is growing into! I miss my Collier babies and can't wait to go on vacation with all my Allison/Collier/Lamm fam!

Paula said...

AWWW Pam. That was so sweet! You made me cry this morning girl. Which for some reason when it comes to the babies is not hard for me to do. It is hard watching them grow up but Josh is doing a fabulous job at it! We all want so many things but I love the eloquent way you put it into word!!