Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you there blog? It's me, Pam

Hello Blog! My name is Pam and I'm supposed to be one of the 'contributing' authors who helps keep you alive and well.

Obviously I've fallen down on the job. I also know that I've made a lot of promises here lately about visiting you more often and not neglecting you. Again, it's pretty obvious I've failed miserably.

And truly, the future is looking bleak for us. Now, don't get all emotional, I'm not abandoning you or even thinking of ending this relationship. It's just that my 'cup runneth over' and honestly I feel a teensy bit overwhelmed with the new stuff in my life.

Next week I'll send my oldest child off to high school, actually I won't even be there to see him off because my first college class is way too early on Tuesday morning! Then on Wednesday I'll send the baby to Kindergarten.

I waited too late to register for classes this semester (this is what happens when you make life-changing decisions on a whim) so I've got a stinky schedule which involves me being in class two nights from 5:30 to 9:00. It's not enough that this will be a HUGE change for my family. Oh no, it just so happens to be the same nights D and Jared will be having football practice. Not a great combo for the remaining three kids who will now get to spend two nights at the field.

But enough of my whining.

I'm going to bake some bread. After a long, patient wait of watching ebay and craigslist, I finally found my new best friend (in the appliance world, Jen, not literally!).

Isn't she lovely? She was only $75. I thought about adding a cheesy reference to her being a cheap date but then I decided not to. Oops!
Excuse me while I whip up something magical!


jen said...
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jen said...

The blog and I both miss you Pam. Just thought you'd like to know. But the blog understands. I'll probably get to see you before the blog does. Haha. Luck me.

jen said...

I posted the same thing twice. The first time had a grammar error. I couldn't leave it. Pitiful, I know.